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Thread: New owner need help

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    New owner need help

    Hello to everyone on this forum. I have been reading through some posts and realized I need some help. I purchased a home and it came with a above ground pool which is sunken in to the ground maybe a foot 15x30. It is dark green now and has little organisms swimming around if I stir up the water. It needs a new liner. Confused as to which way to handle this issue. It is now October and there is no need for a pool. Come next spring I want to replace the liner so I wanted to drain the pool for the winter and install a new liner come spring. I see two problems with this idea. I have been told you can not leave the pool with now water in it for structural reasons but this pool has angular braces coming off the sides at a 45 degree angle which are anchored in to the soil so maybe it is ok to leave it empty. Not sure??? Second if I drain the pool, how do I keep it empty all winter. Rain and snow will fall in to the pool and create a swamp again. I though of cutting the liner to keep it empty but the bottom of the pool is be low the ground level. Not sure if it is ok to cut a hole in the bottom and let it drain.
    I have also thought of treating the water and close it properly but this seems very expensive just to drain it next season. I don't want mosquito ridden water in my backyard all winter. Can someone please give me direction as to the cheapest/easiest way to handle my situation.?
    Just to kill the bacteria I have thrown in 4 lbs of shock and ran the pump/ filter but it did not kill everything and it is still green.
    On a side note I know a good water tester is needed. All I have available now is test strips and bringing water samples to the pool store which wants to sell me their expensive chemicals. What would be a good tester to purchase?
    Thank you in advance for the help.

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    New owner need help

    Welcome to TFP !!
    Sounds like you have an above ground pool. It needs to have water in it to be structurally sound. Without water in it, it could collapse. I would get a cover on it and let it be till spring. You can find cheap winter covers at the pool store or on the net.
    How many gallons and what size is it ?
    You could also dump a couple 3 jugs of bleach in it to maybe kill some of the stuff off and then cover it right up. With no sun on it and cold water it'll be fine. Algae likes sun and warmer water. Then just drain it in the spring and start fresh with a new liner.
    I would rent a pump to pump the water out rather than just cutting a hole in the liner. If you cut a hole in the liner your going to have a huge mess on your hands. The whole pool may have to come down, site redone, leveled and pool reinstalled. It'll be a real pain the ..... If you pump the water out you can have a new liner installed and filled with water, bang your done.
    I see now you thru some shock in there. That's fine. Not hurting a thing now.
    In the mean time over the winter do some reading in pool school. Here are a couple of good articles to start with.
    ABC'S Of Pool Water Chemistry
    How To Chlorinate Your Pool.
    You will also need one of these recommended Test Kits. It's a must have if you want to follow our methods rather than the pool store methods. I use the TF-100 as it is the best value and the right tool for the job of maintaing your water chemistry.
    Any questions you may have don't hesitate to ask.
    If you could add all the pool and equipment info to your sig that will help us better help you. 😎
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    Re: New owner need help

    I agree with pwrstrk. Cover the pool and drain it in the spring. If you cut the liner to let the water out it may wash out the base and cause you to have to re-level the floor of the pool when you replace the liner.
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    Helpful links: TF Test Kits,TFP Pool School, PoolMath
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    Re: New owner need help


    Please do NOT cut the liner to let the water out now or in the Spring! It will do SO much damage to the dirt foundation if you do. It will cost you a lot of time, effort and money to "fix" it back.

    I would dump some chlorine/bleach in it to kill what ever is in there. Maybe add a gal or so every once in a while to keep the yuckies away.

    Look at my siggy to find the link to the good test kits we all use and love.

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    Re: New owner need help

    I advise you to use 1ppm copper sulfate. It is a very efficient algaecide. It may stain the liner at high pH, but that is not an issue since you will replace the liner anyway. Chlorine is efficient as well, but it is a short term treatment. Copper sulfate is a cheap and convenient treatment. Just dissolve the crystals in a bucket and pour in the pool with the pump running.
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