I haven't seen any reviews on this one so I thought I might as well throw out my thoughts on the m4. My dolphin diagnostic lasted 10 full seasons with one repair under warranty(short 5 month seasons in PA). My guess is 700 cycles. approx $1.40 per plus power cost. I could be way off just guessing. Probably ran it 4 times a week.
I picked up my m4 on 05/14. Very happy with it. I have an L shaped pool. Some times it will take 2 full cycles to get all the corners . But it always gets everything in 2 cycles. 98 percent in the first cycle. The new style filter does a much better job. The diagnostic style bag filter was not hard to clean. But the new cartridge style cleans much better, and is less work to hose off. No idea on durablilaty. I suspect the cloth old cloth bag will last longer. The 10 year old bag in my diagnostic seems like new. No remote. I always thought the purpose of an automatic cleaner was the cleaner is suposed to clean without me watching it.