Hello everyone. I'm a new pool owner in Honduras and I'm needing some help. I have a 4500 gallon in-ground concrete pool with a 1 hp pump and an Aqua Tools AT3115 sand filter.

We couldn't get completely clear water, even after running the pump for 24 hours. The only way was to use the blue liquid and my pool guy would come over the next day with a pool pump and vacuum the pool out to the gutter.

I first tried the hose method to clean the sand, and we replaced the sand (the bags were labeled 12/20, I hope that was correct). I had pretty clear water but one day when filling the pool from the municipal water system, the water was very dirty from the city and I had cloudy pool water again. No problem, I just changed the sand in the filter, but after running all night, the water was still cloudy.

So I used more blue liquid and today the water was a cloudy but I could tell the blue stuff worked as there was dirt on the bottom of the pool. So I vacuumed, this time using my pool pump, through the filter and about halfway through, I noticed that the water was getting dirtier. I looked over at the jet and whatever I was vacuuming up was coming out of the jet!

Obviously next time I'll vacuum to waste, but shouldn't my filter be catching what I'm vacuuming up, or are the dirt particles so fine that they're not getting filtered? Help!