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Thread: Test Results and what to do now

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    Test Results and what to do now

    I just received my TF100 kit yesterday and performed the tests today, here are the results:

    FC: 5
    PH: 7.8
    TA: 200
    CH: 700
    Temp: 80F
    CSI: .77
    Fill Water CH: 260

    Now I know that the CH is very high and that in order to lower it I need to drain about 90% of my water. I also realize that my CSI is prone to scaling in its present condition. Is it acceptable to lower my FC to 3, PH to 7.5, and TA to 80 which would give me a CSI of 0 with the CH still at 700? If so I will start the 7.0 PH and aeration cycle until the TA is at 80. By the way my water is very clear with no cloudiness at all.

    I do have what I believe to be some light scaling on the plaster walls. I read on another site that I could lower the PH to 6.0 temporarily combined with brushing to remove the scaling. Is this an acceptable method to remove scaling and if so how long should I leave the PH at 6? If not what is the easiest way to remove scaling from plaster other that hiring someone to drain and acid wash the pool.

    Thanks for the help, I think I am starting to get my head wrapped around the chemistry as a new pool owner.

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    Re: Test Results and what to do now

    Yes, you have a working knowledge of your are a quick learner

    Low pH can be used to remove scale. Just how low or for how long is a out of my pay grade. Some folks have reported success of extended periods of pH @ 6.8 and constant steel brushing but I have no experience with it.

    Any idea how your CH got so high? I would correct the cause first and then treat the symptom. If you drain 50% of your water twice, that should get you below 400 which is manageable. I would not suggest you drain 90% in one shot.
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