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Thread: Brand New Pool - Metal Staining

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    Brand New Pool - Metal Staining

    Looking for some advice on a new pool startup with apparent metal staining. It's been running for about 3 1/2 weeks. When I filled the pool, water had a VERY dark green/brown tint to it (mostly brown). Plaster guys and others have said that my neighborhood is on well water and it probably had metals.

    I ran my quad DE filter and followed local pool store advice on chems. Shocked it twice (5 lbs each time), ran pucks to get chlorine up, and muratic acid to get alkalinity and ph right. My levels are looking good on FC, CC, PH, and Alk and the water has been crystal clear. All brown color in water completely gone. Figured it was sediment and DE knocked it out. The next numbers I had planned to address were CYA and Calcium which are both very low to non-existent.

    Unfortunately, by the end of week 2, light brown staining started up in the deep end floor and about 1 foot up the deep end walls. The staining has worsened a little in the past 1 1/2 weeks but it's not expanding aggressively. Still, it's bad enough that I figured I needed to deal with it. New pools shouldn't look ugly.

    I did the vit C test by putting a sock with a handful of C on the deep end floor. Left it for 30-40 minutes. Went back and it was had a dark gray/black spot where the sock was. Figured it wasn't metal but went back a few hours later and the black was gone. Also, turned out the brownish stain was gone in that area also. I figured that it was metal and I got on with ordering everything I'd need per AA treatment post.

    Soooo, I'm about to get everything in and start this process. I do a little more research and see several posts that warn that vit C test yielding black spot means copper and you shouldn't do the AA treatment. (oiy!)

    I was hoping you guys would say that it would be ok to go forward with AA since the black went away and stain was removed. Mainly because I've already ordered my stuff and I've been getting the chlorine down the last few days. However, I sure don't want to take a small problem on my nice new pool and turn it into a big one.

    So what would you do?

    All help greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Brand New Pool - Metal Staining

    Clearly, we're not sure or someone would have chimed in by now I suspect
    Since you've already ordered the stuff, and since I suspect that if you're on well water, you will have iron, which DOES respond well to AA, I don't think you have anything to lose by proceeding with the AA treatment but with perhaps adjusted expectations.

    A few notes to help you battle meals in the future -- shocking precipitates/oxidizes metal in the by shocking twice, ergo the water color....but at the same time by precipitating the metal, you ALSO likely were able to filter a lot of the metal out or your staining could be worse.

    To me, this suggests that your well metal levels might be quite high. Do you have a well test and a water softener? Are you new to your home or is just the pool new?

    I am on well water with lots of iron. Here's how after a few years of experimentation I've come to avoid staining:

    1. This year I did a "mega" treatment with 5 qts of Metal Magic (proteam) after doing the "sponge test" to determine if it would lift stain.
    2. I add about six ounces weekly because metal sequestrant wears off over time.
    3. I m vigilant about keeping my chlorine high enough that it never drops below the recommended level fr my CYA. I do this so that I never have algae and ergo never have to SLAM (shock). (I dose daily with liquid chlorine to avoid high CYA...this is important...have you read through pool school yet to learn about this?)
    4. One outdoor faucet is plumbed to my water softener system...I use this with a hose filter to top. The pool. But not tht after a certain number of gallons, the softener will regenerate and then water coming out is NOT softened..,so you can't FILL a whole pool this way.

    You might want to test for metals with a cheap Lamotte instatest set for iron and copper to get a feel for what you're dealing with. These tests can be hit or miss but I seem to get consistent results.

    Good luck with the AA treatment. Let us know how well it works -- maybe it will nail it
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    Re: Brand New Pool - Metal Staining

    Thanks .... I appreciate the info and suggestions. I'll check into testing the tap and research water softeners ... I'm not familiar with that.

    I think I'm going to back off on the aa treatment for a while and try to prevent additional staining like you have. I added 2 quarts of jacks magic purple and I'm working to get all levels right. Then i'll look into treatments again.

    I have been reading the pool school info and its starting to come together for me.

    I'll be starting up a swg next week so still much to learn. The pool is already looking a little better in general since I've returned to good chlorine levels.

    Thanks again.

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