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Thread: Doubled up (or maybe more?) on pool closing chemicals. What now?

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    Unhappy Doubled up (or maybe more?) on pool closing chemicals. What now?

    In-ground vinyl salt 18k. Buffalo NY.

    My pool was clear and cold - we scheduled our normal pool closer for last Friday. Between blowing the lines and putting the looploc cover on it's worth the $250ish to have someone take care of it.

    This past spring when I opened the pool it was loaded with thick green algae which took a while to fix. So I swung by Leslie pools and told them about this - they told me to put in:

    1qt of Algae Control
    2lbs of Chlor Brite Granular Chlorine Pool Sanitizer

    Did that Thursday morning. Go to work Friday and come home to a closed up pool. Going through the pool shed this morning and I discovered and a box with empty containers. I suppose there was a miscommunication, he put in a pool closing kit with four gallons, which includes:

    1 Gallon of 'winter conditioner'
    2 Gallons of Shock chlorinating solution (12.5% sodium hypochlorite)
    1 Gallon of 'Algaecide growth depressent' (5% Dimethyl Benzyl Ammonium Chloride)

    My questions are:

    1) Should I be freaked out? Will the liner be damaged/destroyed?
    2) If yes, how can I fix this now that the pool has been closed?
    3) If no, what can I expect come spring?

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    Re: Doubled up (or maybe more?) on pool closing chemicals. What now?

    Is there an active ingredient on the 'winter conditioner'?

    Do you know your current CYA level? Likely 2 gallons of 12.5% is no big deal, raised your FC by 14. Probably close to an appropriate amount but highly dependent on your CYA level. See: Chlorine/CYA Chart Typical closing involves bringing up to shock (SLAM) level based on CYA.

    The algaecide added won't do much since it's a dilute solution and won't be a problem. The only problem would be if it contained a copper based algaecide = BAD, but it does not.
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    Re: Doubled up (or maybe more?) on pool closing chemicals. What now?

    JVJTrain, thank you for replying.

    I don't know my CYA level - Once I got the pool into a good state with perfect chemistry I just tested every few days with strips (always within ideal levels) and had it tested every couple weeks at Leslie Pools (always at ideal levels). By mid-August I just checked via strips until the last swim which was a month ago as my kids are spoiled and won't go in if it's under 86F. So as far as I know, CYA was in an acceptable range.

    I wish I could tell you more about the winter conditioner. Oddly enough, it just says "Crystal-Aqua WINTER CONDITIONER" Warning: Irritant. Harmful if swallowed. 1 U.S. Gallon. Made by Bison Labs in Buffalo. Some container recycling info, and nothing more. No information on the box either, just the brand name again. Weird...

    Thanks for tempering my panic a bit.

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    Re: Doubled up (or maybe more?) on pool closing chemicals. What now?

    My guess would be that he winter conditioner is mono per sulphate. A non chlorine shock, perfect for winter. Next year when they close insist on a polyquat.

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