Thanks to all who helped me get my pool going this season . My pool is still open (even though it wasn't used as temps in nj went low in sep). I had a severe leak in pool. Paid a guy 600$ to come in and dive etc . He fixed skimmer leak (putty fix) and may be one in light . He also blocked/plugged the drain as he saw pressure drop there. anyways leak went down from 2 inches a day to 1-1.5 a day. HE came again today (had to water and run all this while)..and charged me another 600 and now says that the leak is in the shell of the pool. There is a visible long crack in the shallow side of the pool but u cant say if there is a leak. The question is why didn't he point it out last time ? How did he miss that if he was in there for 2 hours .

Anyways he recommends structural repair and pool to be surfaced . Please advice if you have any referrals in the nj area . Also if you guys have been through the same experience, please advice the best course of action. Can I close the pool and take care of it when I open the pool next year (water level was down to the shallow end) when I opened it this year .

Stressed out due to this leak.