Hi Everyone,
Sure glad we found you, we need help! Our swimming pool heater just died. We have a friend who is licensed to install a new one for us but he won't recommend a specific heater. The more we research, the more confused we become!

Specifics: In-ground 36,000 gallon pool with attached hot tub spa. We need a digital, natural gas 400,000 btu heater.
We live in a moderate climate generally only raising the temp 10-20 degrees, use the hot tub all winter, like to take the chill off the pool water which gets a lot of shade during the day.
We don't want or need a lot of fancy things that can break later, just a simple and reliable heater. Not the cheapest, not the most expensive.

All suggestions, brands and models would be welcomed! We're not even sure if the electronic or Hot surface ignition would be best!

Thank you,