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Thread: Getting over algae

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    Getting over algae

    Just got over green pool symdrome. Pool is clear, tested with tf 100.
    here's my numbers.
    Fc .5
    cc 2
    ta 210
    ch 430
    cya 25
    ph 7.3

    Any suggestion to get to normal?

    15000 gal vinyl ig 3/4hp hayward, hayward sand filer. Solar heater 160 sqft
    15000 gal vinyl ig 3/4hp hayward, hayward sand filer. Solar heater 160 sqft

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    Re: Getting over algae

    With a CC of 2 its an indication you still have something in the pool water unless you have an error in testing. If your sure about your test results I suggest shocking your pool for a few days and see how your FC holds overnight.
    Also your TA needs to be lowered it should be in a range of 90-110.
    For the amount of chlorine to use to shock your pool refer to this chart.
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    Re: Getting over algae

    Hi Anu and welcome to the forum!

    I agree w/Tiz that you need to shock your pool. You can go to Pool School (link in sub-heading at top of each page and also in my sig) and read the articles on "Defeating Algae" and "Shocking your Pool".

    Also, shocking your pool to clear algae is a process...not an event. I've always liked chem geeks criteria.....

    The process is complete when:
    A. You hold FC loss to 1.0 or less overnite
    B. Your CC's test .5 or less
    C. Your water is sparkling

    You can use Jason's Calculator (link in my sig, on Home Page & in Pool School) to determine correct dosing amounts.

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    We're glad to have you!

    ETA: Have you tested your fill water for TA & CH? They are both too high and will need to be adjusted.
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