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Thread: newly replastered pool

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    newly replastered pool

    We had a 27500 gallon pool replastered in Wildwood, New Jersey last year in early July. It has a four cartilage filter system by Jandy plus a heater.

    When the pool was filled our iron level was very high and it took a good month to filter it out with enormous amounts of chemicals that were put in the pool. During that time we adjusted the water chemistry as instructed by the replastering company. I also wanted to mention that we maintained a pool for 13 years with no issues. We know how important it is to have the PH, total alkalinity and calcium levels in range so you don't run into calcium scaling problems.

    This past summer we started noticing white spotting in the pool. The polaris was picking up blue plaster pieces from the pool. There were plaster pieces in the spa and shallow end of the pool. Our filter had plaster pieces in it along with what looked like slivers of plastic in it and crumbled once they dried. Our heat exchanger went this past August. These plaster pieces were inside the heater.

    I wanted to mention that our water was clear all summer and we adjusted the water chemistry as needed. Calcium was added to bring into range. We also have an automatic pool cover which keeps rain water out of the pool. We tested the water ourselves and took the water sample to be tested atleast once a week. Never had any major issues with the water.

    We contacted the replastering company about our problem and they say it's calcium scaling. I am having a hard time buying it because we know how important it is to have the water chemistry in range which we did. Tell you honestly, I think our pool looked better before it was replastered. I wish we never touched it. We decided to replaster because draining of the pool was required because salt water got into the pool because of "SANDY". We figured since it would be drained and because of the age of the plaster, we mind as well replaster and retile.

    Could there be something else going on with the pool besides being told it's calcium scaling?

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    Re: newly replastered pool

    Without reliable test data from a Taylor K-2006 test kit, it will be hard to give any advice on what to do. Also, trying to go back and solve this problem without reliable data also makes that difficult. New plaster requires a very special startup and maintenance procedure to make sure the plaster dust and CH are kept in control. You can read through most of that in the above PoolSchool section.

    Scaling and etching are real problems, which one you may have had is impossible to know without good test data.

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    Re: newly replastered pool

    Can you post your numbers from a water test so we can see what your current levels are? I usually only see really bad calcium scaling when the pool has a salt system on it. It's not to say that you can't have this issue without it. I have also seen certain types of finish that are easier to scale than others for some reason. Also, how about posting a picture of what the pool/finish looks like.
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