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Thread: Two years on, time for another clean out!!

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    Two years on, time for another clean out!!

    Well, I wonder how Raypak would fare building cars instead of furnaces. Maintenance required after a couple dozen trips to the shops?

    Furnace failed to light, very lightly used. Pulled and cleaned the pilot / thermocouple again, fired up no problem. see my post from summer 2012.

    Raypack 407A - Doesn't fire
    Same problem....the small brass pilot insert that has the tiniest of holes was blocked. Note that this insert will come apart from the main assembly so you can give it a thorough cleaning in solvent. Do users of other makes of furnaces have this problem....or even users of Raypak furnaces. Maybe there is some contamination in my gas line? The blockage seemed to be something soft like warm chewing gum substance, but it's difficult to say as the hole is so small that one strand of light guage copper wire will go through, but two strands will not.
    Anyway, she fired up no problem after the solvent clean of the 'spark plug', pilot assy and the small brass pilot assy insert.

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    Re: Two years on, time for another clean out!!

    Not sure where you are located but I can tell you that what you are experiencing doesn't seem to to follow the norm from my perspective. I service gas pool heaters exclusively and I can tell you that I hardly get calls from Raypak/Rheem users as compared to users from other brands. Not sure also how old your pool heater is. I was called the other day to look at a unit that was approximately 10 years old and the only thing wrong was that the new owner didn't have the propane turned on. Once I opened the valve it fired right up. Had a nice blue flame and ran like it was new.

    I can tell you that letting a unit sit for very long periods of time without any use can sometimes be detrimental to the unit. Why not once a month or so, if you don't use it often, turn it on for a short period and let it run. 10 to 15 minutes of use could save you the time/problem you have when it does come time that you want to use it for longer periods.
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    Re: Two years on, time for another clean out!!

    Thanks for the reply. It's not very old...June 2010. I'll try and fire it up more often, see if that will help. Good to know that the Raypak sounds like one of the better units. I'm located in Houston.

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