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Thread: Salt Water Chlorine System?

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    Salt Water Chlorine System?

    As my ozonator and UV lamp are making my chlorine diminish faster than usual, I'm thinking of installing a salt water chlorine generator system to ensure a residual chlorine level.

    Can anyone recommend a specific system that is fairly priced yet reasonably good quality?
    And one I can buy in / from Canada..!

    Could anyone also briefly outline how such a system works?

    I think you add a certain amount of salt, and then you don't have to add any more again.
    The generator converts it into chlorine, the bacteria uses it up and it converts back to salt.

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    Re: Salt Water Chlorine System?

    No. Some chlorine will be vented and therefore lost for the spa. Combined chlorine will be either vented or destroyed by UV light (not shure what happens to the byproducts). With time pH will increase and one need to bring it down with chlorhidric acid and salt concentration will go down and it is neccesary to replenish it. I think that it will be cheaper for you to convet your spa to bromine. Study the specific posts!. The ozone generator will convert bromide to bromine and you just have to add some sodium bromine from time to time. A weekly shock dose of sodium monopersulfate is also recommend.
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    Re: Salt Water Chlorine System?

    I've been using a Saltron Mini in a 250 gallon spa for about 2 years now - works great. I adjust the hours of operation according to the chlorine level - just changed it from 3 hours to 2 hours per day as the level was a bit high. Never have had to add any salt. I like it so much I just bought a Saltron Retro for my pool - a 2200 gallon Ipool 2. The Retro is rated for up to 20,000 gallon pools and the mini for 2000 gallon pools max. As I have to run the mini 2 or 3 hours per day to keep a 250 gallon spa happy I though it might be stretching it to use one on the Ipool2. 9 times as much water but it's cooler but still 9 x 3 is 27 hours per day - don't think that would work. The Retro is overkill but they don't make an in between size. Got both at Amazon - don't know about availability in Canada.

    I had been using an Intex saltwater/filter/pump unit on the Ipool2 but the SWCG part of it quit and the pump began making funny noises so I went to the Saltron and an Intex filter/pump unit. I have a couple of solar collectors for the Ipool2 and wanted to separate the chlorine generation function from the filtering and heating function anyway. The Intex unit lasted about 2 years - not bad for the price.

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    Re: Salt Water Chlorine System?

    As noted on the Saltron web page you need to add salt for the unit. The Saltron Mini Operating Instructions says that the system requires 2500 ppm salt. So when you say "Never have had to add any salt", do you mean after initially adding salt? The salt won't go away except from water dilution so it's true that after you initially add salt you shouldn't have to add more unless of course you do a water change.
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    Re: Salt Water Chlorine System?

    Yes I did mean that I haven't had to add any more salt since the original setup. I don't recall how much it took originally. The Ipool2 took about 50 pounds as I recall. Haven't had to add any more to that either but I do have to add water once in a while to make up for evaporation losses.

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    Re: Salt Water Chlorine System?

    I just got the Saltron Mini for my hot tub. Going to install it today. I'm hoping that it works as well as my Intex SWG has for my pool
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