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Thread: Purpose of shocking a pool - need help ASAP

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    Purpose of shocking a pool - need help ASAP

    Hello! I'm new to posting at this forum, although I've read through some threads many times. I apologize that this is long. I do ask that if you respond you state your credentials (I have to bring all information through supervisor and they need to know information is reliable)

    This is my first year managing this pool, and really any pool of this size. The pool is 10 years old and holds a little under 270,000 gallons of water (Not including a smaller one). It is a concrete painted pool, with a high rate sand filter. We use sodium hypochlorite for our chlorine. We have a leak we think in the return line, but that's a post for another thread.

    We are about to start the winterizing process. The pump has pretty much been off since labor day, except for two days, because my supervisor didn't want to spend the money to keep it running (we are on a tight budget). Therefore, the water is far from balanced with literally no chemicals in it anymore. I was going to shock the pool and then finish the closing process as the water is starting to get on the cloudy and green side (just a tinge). My supervisor is against spending the money to shock the pool (again that tight budget), as it will be getting drained in the spring to power wash, re-paint, re-grout areas of tiles, and fix the leak, so they don't see the point in treating the water when all the water will eventually be drained and the water will get nasty anyway eventually.

    All my training says to balance it, shock it, and put algicide in it before moving on to the rest of the closing procedure. I have to explain why to my supervisor however and with facts that she can take to her boss (neither know anything about pools). being new to this it's always hard to present my case, and I don't have much time to giver her answers. So my questions are:
    1) What is the purpose of shocking a pool before closing?
    2) Since we are draining in the spring, would it be the most cost effective method to NOT treat and shock it?
    3) Would not shocking it damage the pool more?

    We had a mesh pool cover that we are looking into getting repaired, but the repairs might not be done in a reasonable time. So we are looking at not having this covered for most of fall as well.


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    Re: Purpose of shocking a pool - need help ASAP

    Welcome to TFP!!!

    Unfortunately, your first paragraph makes me feel that you might be in the wrong place. 99.9+% of the members here are lowly pool owners who do not have the credentials that you apparently require. Of course what you are missing that is that we likely have a better understanding of the pool chemistry than 99% of the pool professionals out there because the CPO training is flawed and leaves out much of the most important chemistry.

    This is a forum for pool owners to help other pool owners. Our maintenance methods do not often directly translate to pool companies who only visit a pool once a week. While the chemistry is the same, the methods may be different.

    Since I do not have the necessary credentials or letters in my title, should I stop replying and wasting yours and my time?
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    Re: Purpose of shocking a pool - need help ASAP

    If your supervisor values credentials (which I can understand) over useful information from thousands of hands-on folks and some of the most astute minds in the pool world, then jblizzle is right.......we ain't your folks.

    Most people who read here more than about a page realize this is the best, most scientifically grounded site on the net for pool info.

    Sorry if we are just a little offended......hard not to be.

    PS - I have no credentials that I am aware of
    Dave S.
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    Re: Purpose of shocking a pool - need help ASAP

    I've stayed at a Holiday Inn Express before....does that count?

    My only credential is that I have been swimming in my pool for over a year now and I am still alive!!
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    Re: Purpose of shocking a pool - need help ASAP

    Spend some time in Pool School located in this forum if your interested. It will give you understanding in the proven methods. f you like what you read, repost your question.

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