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Thread: Pillow at side of pool/Filter and pump left outside

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    Pillow at side of pool/Filter and pump left outside

    I just had my pool winterized and closed for the first time a few days ago. I was not around when the company did it. When I came home I saw that the pillow was in the center of the pool (oval) and everything looked good. This morning I woke up and saw that the pillow was now at one end of the pool and had obviously not been tied down by the company.
    Is this an issue I should be concerned with? I heard some people saying that the pillow isn't even necessary. Is this something I can leave at one side of the pool or do I need to open it up and move it/call them and have them re-position it?

    Also, my sand filter and pump were left outside and I was told to leave it outside during the winter and cover it. Just wondering if they should be brought inside my garage....if not, what should I cover them with?

    Thanks for the help!
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    Re: Pillow at side of pool/Filter and pump left outside

    The pillow should be in the center of the pool. Its job is to keep the pool cover off the water and allow the leaves to gather around the edges of the pool so they can be cleaned off easier. By the pillow being in the center, it will spread out the load (snow, wet leaves, etc. ) to a more manageable amount. The shorter span from the center (where the pillow should be) to the edges (5 1/2 ft.) vs the pillow at the edge making the span 11 ft helps spread this load.
    Its job is also to give the ice an expansion area at the pillow.

    I would move the equipment inside the garage and either leave it dry or possibly winterize the pump with rv antifreeze. Leave the sand filter dry but remove the drain plug at the bottom if that has not been done. Reason i say this is because it takes alot more cold weather to freeze inside a building that out in the open air. Most everything will last longer protected from the elements.
    Randy H.

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