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Thread: I could use some help.

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    I could use some help.

    Hail all and well met.
    I recently read the thread on cleaning up the pool with ascorbic acid.

    I took my 4 jandy filter cartridges, about 3 feet tall and about 10 inches each in circumference, and put them in a tall bucket with some serious vitamin C.
    They were brown and red, and after the soak, pure white. They looked new, so happy.

    I drained the cloudy water to the yard from my soak bucket.
    I pulled them out of the soak, and put them back in the filter housing. I did not rinse them, thinking, surely thats ok.

    Prior to the soak the pool was 4 ppm CL, 7.5 PH, 10 cya, 80 TA.

    Long story short, ran the pump overnight with my clean filters, thinking I rocked it out and took a huge amount of metal out of the pool, as I dumped that crazy soupy water in the yard. Salt water generator was on, salt level AOK at 3300 PPM.

    This morning, now its green. Chems were about the same, 3.5 CL, 7.4 PH, 10 cya, 80 TA.
    I need some help. Why would it be so green now? Did the filters hold to much water with the ascorbic acid when I put them back in?

    I added the correct amount of metal out 5 hours ago, still green.

    Any comments or help appreciated. Thanks much.

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    Re: I could use some help.

    Still looking for a hand on this.
    I have shocked the pool way past what is needed to compensate for CYA, which is 20, PH is 7.4, salt 3250, took the chlorine to 15 ppm.
    Have added a full bottle of metal free from Leslie's pool supply. My pool is not big, so 32 oz should do the trick based on the documentation, unless I have so much metal from the filters...

    Pool is not cloudy, just light green. Brushing shows no dust like I have seen with algae. At this point I am stumped and considering a drain this weekend. I hate to ask the pool supply as they just want to sell more metal out.

    Can anyone tell me the rules on draining? How much should I take out ? The pool is a free form, about 12k gallons, in ground with a spa.

    Any help appreciated, I am about to bang my head on my keyboard I am so frustrated.
    Thanks much.

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