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Thread: floating debris in the water

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    floating debris in the water

    Hello all,

    My pool water looks clean but I see lot of floating debris plus lot of white powdery stuff on the bottom. When I vaccuum the bottom, it causes water to turn cloudy. This cycle runs over and over so I was thinking my filter is dirty (reads at 20 PSI) and its not picking up the particles.

    I decided to clean my filter, even bought a special spray to clean the filter and followed instructions on that spray. Re run the filter (pressure reads at 9psi). Much better pressure but after couple hours of running, pressure returns back to 20psi. What is going on?

    I figured may be a new filter is needed, bought a new filter, installed it. Right after turning it on, the pressure reads at 30psi!! What in the world is going on.....Any ideas?

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    Re: floating debris in the water

    Greetings Jsingh009, and welcome to TFP,
    I believe what is happening is normal. Your filter is just doing its job.
    The pressure is rising because its getting plugged up from the particles in the water. Until you get the water clean it should continue to do this.
    How long that will take depends on the size of filter, size of pool, cleaning cycles performed, etc.....
    Randy H.

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    Re: floating debris in the water

    We need more information in order to help you....
    Pool type, size, location and a full set of your water chemistry, including calcium hardness. (And how you tested them) also, what you are using to chlorinate your pool, such as pucks, powdered shock, or liquid chlorine (bleach)
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