I recently bought a summer escapes 20' ProSeries above ground pool. I had read in several places that the pump that comes with the skimmer is not that good so I purchased a Hayward 2 speed Pro Flo. I need help figuring out what I need in order to connect the new pump to my pool. The hose coming out of the current pump is 1.5" and the intake on the Hayward pump has threads on the outside and on the inside. The outside diameter is 2.75" and the inside has a diameter of 2". Is there a valve out there that will screw into the 2" intake and let you slip the 1.5" hose onto the other side? I have tried looking around on the internet but no very little about all of this. I have seen numerous guides on adding an intex pump to this pool but am not confident that the same parts can be used with the Hayward pump. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am feeling very lost.

I also would like to say that the pump that came with the pool has already broken. The plastic bit that holds the impeller rotor in placer has cracked so the pump no longer works.

Thank you.