No Idea what kind of pool this is and looking for coping. Removed concrete deck and coping from pool. Pool was leaking and found large holes in light housings. They are copper and 10.5" in diameter. Removed housings and hunting new. Coping is plastic and relatively stiff. Reminds of PVC pipe but not as brittle. Kind of like vinyl, the coping is shaped like a reverse "?" (question mark) and slips over the panel. Walls are fiberglass with a .060" thick blue (plastic?) coating over the fiberglass panel. The panels are bolted together with white rubber strip between each panel, the panels have pieces of angle positioned about 16" apart fiberglassed to the rear of the panels "|>". There is a hole in the inner part of the angle to which rebar is inserted. Angle braces into the ground at the end of most panels. The walls are bowed in several spots and I need coping. I intend to weld up some braces using a system similar to basement jacks and push the walls back straight, replace all coping and install new rebar into the angle attached to the panels and then pour the slabs then remove the braces once set. Pool installed 30-40 years ago. Also the pool is rectangular with small half circle wells at each narrow end. The steps are molded into the pool. I will post some pics tonight. Got to fast track this work so all comments appreciated.