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Thread: Was I good.....or just lucky?

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    Question Was I good.....or just lucky?

    We recently moved across town, and I am putting in a pool as soon as my PB gets through the municipal and HOA permitting processes.

    I previously installed an IG pool in North Houston in 2011. The PB I used at that time provided SWG/Nature2 System for my white plaster/pebble interior 13.5k gallon pool. Pool School instructed me to keep FC in the 0.5-1.0 ppm range.

    After startup was complete, I only paid attention to 3 properties....FC (tended to keep it in the 1-3 ppm range since it was too easy to use up most of the FC when we had heavy bather load), pH (goal was ~7.4, but it took 1-2 quarts per week in the swimming season to maintain...a situation I am now attributing to frequent use of my water features), and CYA (target set point was 70). Other than adding acid once or twice a week and attenuating duty cycle on my SWG, I did no other routine chemistry maintenance.

    From day one, I had the cleanest, clearest water imaginable, and it stayed that way for the 3 years I owned that home. Never was any funky colors or cloudiness observed, even though my water temperature would get up to low-to-mid 90s in July and August. However, after reading various TFP forums, I now know that the Nature2 can be more trouble than it's worth and my FC/CYA ratio was too low.

    My new pool will also be SWG (no Nature2!!!), and I want to make sure the water looks as good as it did in my last pool. I'm planning on going with the TFPC (BBB) method as soon as soon as I reasonably can. Since this method should give me the results I want, I am not worried about having any issues.

    However, solely as an academic question, I am really wondering how I was so successful with my last pool even though I didn't have the best operating plan. Was my monitoring and maintenance really adequate for my conditions, or was I just perfectly lucky for the last 3 years? Any thoughts?
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    Re: Was I good.....or just lucky?

    How were you testing the pool for FC then? I hope you're not referring to the Pool School on this site for that target FC range... If it was a good test kit and you tended to keep it closer to 3 than 1, you likely had just enough and were lucky not to have alot of leaves, organic material and algae spores. It doesn't take a lot of FC to keep a pool clear, especially if it's very consistent like with a SWCG. You were likely in the danger zone here and there but it was consistent enough delivery that it kept things from getting out of hand. So yes, you were lucky but your FC wasn't too far off from where it should have been.
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