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Thread: First time closing questions...

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    First time closing questions...

    So I read the article in pool school. I want to make sure i have everything right for when i close..

    I have a 24' AG.

    I'm going to bring to shock lever for a day or so with pump running.
    Turn pump off and drain water below skimmer and return. 6" or so.
    Remove ladder.

    Remove all hoses, drain sand filter, make sure pump is dry. Bring everything I can into the garage. Tarp over the sand filter...leave it outside all winter covered.

    Do I need a pillow under my cover? My cover might have came with a pillow...I haven't even opened it up yet.

    Then once its closed, do I just leave it untouched all winter? Do I need to check FC levels if we have a warm stretch? If I need to add some bleach, how do you do that?
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    Re: First time closing questions...

    Everything above sounds good.

    I'd keep a pillow on it. It will help prevent the weight of snow, ice , and water from having the cover sink to the bottom.

    As for chemicals, I never check it. Adjust pH, bring to shock level, no algaecide, cover it up, and leave it till spring. For the last two years I've waited til the temps were below 60, and then opened when temps were below 60. In both cases I had measurable FC upon opening.
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    Re: First time closing questions...

    + 1 to what Smyy said. I do it the same way and have measurable FC when I open.
    Only thing I don't use is the pillow. My cover rests on the water. It has a mesh strip down the center which will allow water to seep through it. 😎
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    Re: First time closing questions...

    I have a solid cover and don't bother with the pillow. Never had a problem with my cover sinking to the bottom of the pool.

    SLAM it. Drain it to below the return. Cover it. Forget it. Done.
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