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Thread: Should I take down 18'x48" Intex Pool?

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    Should I take down 18'x48" Intex Pool?

    Hello! We got a new intex pool this year. We had one in the past that lasted a few years and we always took it down and stored it for the winter. We just emptied and cleaned this one and I am wondering if it's okay to keep it up empty. I am worried about the cold (Ohio) damaging the liner. I would love to know if people have had good luck keeping them up because it would make next year so much easier! Thanks!

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    Re: Should I take down 18'x48" Intex Pool?

    Please add your location (City, State or City, Country) to your profile and pool details to your signature as described HERE as it will help us help you.

    I am sure there are quite a few threads discussing this very topic. I have no experience, but am sure others will chime in.
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    Re: Should I take down 18'x48" Intex Pool?

    We had a new intex pool last year. We decided to leave it up. Chicago had one of the worst winters in history, and our pool made it through just fine. Opened this year to clean sparkling water, and not one problem. We will leave it up this year too.
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    Re: Should I take down 18'x48" Intex Pool?

    I leave mine up year round. No problems so far. They last 3 or 4 years before the poles rust through.
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    Re: Should I take down 18'x48" Intex Pool?

    I wouldn't leave it up if it is empty.
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    Re: Should I take down 18'x48" Intex Pool?

    We have had this same pool and have always left it up year round. We have had some very cold winters (for Texas ) and it survived just fine. I also would not leave it up empty--either fill it or take it down. Too much risk of it getting damaged if it was empty. I would not be able to keep my kids and dogs out of it!
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    Re: Should I take down 18'x48" Intex Pool?

    No one chiming in from Canada ? Seems that most of the posts to questions like this come from the less than really cold portions. I have not heard anyone from where it really gets cold, and I mean cold like in -40 winters. Lots of folks here with above ground solid sides that stay up, but have never seen a soft one stay up and wonder how it would fair. I guarantee it would be a solid block for sure.
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    Re: Should I take down 18'x48" Intex Pool?

    This last winter, we left ours up. Lowest temp we had was -18. Between 8" and 10" of ice come spring. Pool is none the worse for it.
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    Re: Should I take down 18'x48" Intex Pool?

    We are in central Pennsylvania. I had intended to take my pool down last year. Drained it, put the filter away after draining, of course, then had a serious of family emergencies that prevented me from getting it down. It went the whole winter with 6" of water in it, no cover, and one of the coldest winters I can remember. Not problems, other than having to clear the leaves out. (I did this early, before the water warmed up, which wasn't so bad ankle deep.) this year I intend to drain about half and cover. I was cleaning it tonight and inspected the uprights as I was in it, there's no rust. The pool is 3 seasons old, I took it down the first two years.
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