Hi - so I'm in the process of basically rebuilding all my pool equipment, plumbing then filter then automation then pump when it dies. Bit of a long slog below with some questions...

I have an existing home automation system (Vera/Z-wave) so I am intrigued by the Intermatic PE653RC. I would probably get this system.

Pros are cost and built-in Z-wave support. The cons seem to be rarity (it's not a common system) so I would have trouble finding someone with experience to install it correctly, and maybe the actuator system. Seems I can only basically control up to 3 actuators in only 2 positions. So if I turn my pool cleaner off waterfall would have to be 'on', and vice-versa. No independent control. I guess I could use a relay to control them instead of Intermatic's actuator control?

The other option would be an Easytouch 8. If I went this way I would really be tempted to get the IC-60 SWG instead of the Autopilot I had planned on. Is the Autopilot much better or is the IC-60 pretty decent? The pros here are it's common, I can find an installer easily. Plus I think I would have better control and could do separately controlled, discrete actuators - is this true? Big con is price, would probably cost 2X as much total installed. Another con is I would probably buy the Autelis (another $300 or so) system to integrate to my home automation system easily.

Anyone else had this decision and gone one way or the other and liked/regretted the decision?