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Thread: Should I alternate skimmers for vacuuming?

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    Should I alternate skimmers for vacuuming?

    My pool is only a month old but I'm getting used to the maintenance and even enjoy it! I've been attaching my vacuum hose to the same skimmer box each time I do it and noticed yesterday that he other skimmer apparently had a partial clog. I tried to use that one for vacuuming and the pump just filled with air and I and I had to try again a few times until the clog apparently got pulled through. That skimmer box is now back to the same flow as the one I primarily use for vacuuming.

    So should I alternate the skimmers used for vacuuming to keep them both cleaned out, or was this a one time issue?
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    Re: Should I alternate skimmers for vacuuming?

    I would think you would want to be using the one closest to the pump. It would have the most suction. We only have the choice of one skimmer basket and its within a few feet of the pump.
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    Re: Should I alternate skimmers for vacuuming?

    Which skimmer you use shouldn't matter, unless your hose is too short to reach the other end from the one skimmer. If you end up with another clog, you already know how to clear it - to prevent it from happening you can line the skimmer basket with a skimmer sock or a lady's kneehigh stocking to catch hair and fine debris before it gets into the pipe

    Glad you are enjoying the pool and the maintenance!
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