I have had a dual system (pool/spa) Aqualink with iAqualink working with 2 AquaPure chlorinators and an Intelliflo VS pump. Today, the display popped up Intelliflo Offline and the Chlorinators suddenly were reading 0% (on Aqualink display and on units themselves). Not sure what was going on. I reset about 6 times and finally started removing and reconnecting wires. The chlorinators were fine when disconnected from Aquiline RS system, but would go back to zero when reconnected. The pump worked fine when not connected to Jandy, but read offline when connected. Then after about 2 hours of tracing wires, everything came back on. I have no ideaa what happened, or if it will happen again (I should mention that the iAqualink was unavailable too during all of this).

Any ideas? If it never happens again, great. But my guess is it will. so I wonder what I can do to troubleshoot next time?