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Thread: Quartzscape Going Down Tomorrow - Few ?

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    Quartzscape Going Down Tomorrow - Few ?

    Hi everyone, I've been doing my research here, but still have a few gaps that I would appreciate some help with.

    I'm a little confused about the difference between an "acid wash", which my PB is going to do to a dry pool the day after plaster is applied, and an "acid startup", which I'll clearly do immediately after fill.

    I was talking to the owner of another plaster company and he said that he doesn't like to do acid washes as they tend to create consistency issues. He prefers to introduce acid after startup, which is clearly an acid startup.

    My questions are:

    1. Should I tell me PB not to do an acid wash 24 hours after my plaster is applied?
    2. Is a bicarbonate startup recommended over a straight acid startup? I've seen this mentioned in some other threads.
    3. Do I need to do both? Could I abandon the acid startup if they wash, or vice versa?


    4. What is the purpose of an acid wash? Is it to expose aggregate/quartz?
    5. What is the purpose of an acid startup? Is it to remove calcium dust?

    If I'm correct on questions 4 and 5, then it seems that these tasks are independent of one another and both need to be performed. This is where I'm lost.

    I very much appreciate your help and expertise.



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    Re: Quartzscape Going Down Tomorrow - Few ?

    Its generally either or. An acid wash is just faster than an acid startup at exposing the finish you paid extra for.

    Some builders do one, some the other. Talk to your builder, he is providing the warranty however so its rather difficult to insist on something else. I believe an acid startup is more forgiving of mistakes.
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    Re: Quartzscape Going Down Tomorrow - Few ?

    Thanks for the reply. It's much appreciated.

    In this thread:

    a member named "MarkPristine" brings up a couple of interesting points:

    "QuartzScapes is a very good product, however it is only as good as the team applying it from the mixing to the final acid "rinse" not wash to expose the quartz aggregate. Followed by probably the just as important Start-Up procedure and finally the after care."

    "Find a plaster company who has good experience and reputation with Quartz finishes and then insist on a Bicarb Start-Up and if you are doing it yourself make sure you add 50 ppm Boron (borates) during the start-up period as soon as the pool is filled, this helps in the maintaining your pH below the necessary 8.2 mark as well as the many other benefits following your start-up."

    Is there a difference between a "rinse" and a "wash"? I'm guessing it has to do with the rigor with which the acid is applied. He also recommends a bicard startup after the "rinse". Any value to that? He seems to know what he's talking about, so I'm a little confused.

    Thanks again!

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