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Thread: Pentair MiniMax Heater help needed!!

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    Pentair MiniMax Heater help needed!!

    I keep getting an E04 error (Fan Failure). Anyone have any idea what is causing this and how to fix this problem???

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    Re: Pentair MiniMax Heater help needed!!

    If you are recieving that error you have a mini max NT or a mastertemp. Your in for a horrible tie trying to mess with that yourself, you should probobly call a service company. Repairing those heaters is a very inexact science. If your fans vaccum sensor is actually the problem, you will have to find which one you need, they are nnot interchangable. take off the two sides of your heater and ensure that nothing has been sucked into the draw line for the fan. Ensure you have your gas valve open. If you have had any new gas appliances intalled, that could be the problem also. Heater repair is very complicated, I would not reccomend getting involved with it. (if you do have a service company come out and repair it post whatwas wrong, about 50 percent of minimax NT repairs end in a new "fenwall")
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    Re: Pentair MiniMax Heater help needed!!

    Great answer !! Sounds like the minimax is very similar the the Sta-Rite Max E Therms with regards to working on them - maybe 1/2 the time the problem is what it appears to be, the other half, I just end up changing out Fenwals (ignition control modules), control boards, sensors until it works and then remove the new parts that didn't fix the problem :P (of course it's easy for me to do this because we carry 2 of everything on the van - a homeowner trying this method would have to take out a second mortgage just to stock all the parts )

    Also good catch on it possibly being a gas issue!! We had a 10 year old pool this year that developed issues and wouldn't sustain firing, after trying every part on the van to fix it - we finally asked them if they had had any gasline work done, turns out ice from the roof had wrecked the old line and the gas co had installed a smaller regulator when they replaced it

    Dog2pool, welcome to TFP!! - sorry for the 'shop talk' but I agree with Matt that you'll be better off getting the service dudes out there, you'll probably have to pay the minimum labor charge and the cost of the part they use. Sorry this question sat a while, but I've never worked on a MiniMax
    Luv& Luk

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