Having problems with my chlorine production, so I checked the Aqualink yesterday, which said I was low on salt (around 2000ppm). We have had rain lately, so okay. I went to the pool calculator, which advised me to add 502 lbs of salt. Ok, that sounded high, so I started with 360 lbs, which I added today.

Now the AL is telling me that I'm at 4200 (and climbing), and alternating when the screen cycles through with a reading of 25,500ppm. Certainly that 25K + reading is incorrect??
As far as equipment goes, what could be the problem here? I don't really trust my pool builder's service dept. and need to find an independent. I'm in the mid DFW area, if anyone knows someone trustworthy.

{edited to add: Aqua Pure 1400 cells}