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Thread: New home, new state, new pool!

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    New home, new state, new pool!

    Hello! I spent a lot of time here last year as a new pool owner with a 18' above ground SWG pool in PA. We just moved to Florida and the new house and new climate came with a new to us pool! The pool was put in back in the 70's and as we understand, it's painted concrete. It's 20'x40' with a shallow end of about 4' and a deep end of (I think) 8 feet. There's a lot of dirt and dust in the bottom (and I hope that's all it is - pray for no stains!), so I'll be picking up a pole, brush, and automatic vac this weekend (any suggestions on the vac?)

    The pump was just replaced last week (it's a 1.5 HP RPM of 3450), and I really don't know when the cartridge filter was installed. I did find a book that says it's a C900, and the pump book that was with it said 1999, so I'm guessing the filter is as old. The good news - the sellers bought us a home/pool warranty, so we're covered for the next year. Here's the setup:




    The pool guy who had been taking care of it up until I got here just came by yesterday as the pump wasn't holding prime, but he sealed up a small air leak in the connection from the pump and that seems to have corrected it. It also seems like the skimmer isn't working very well, but he said that it could be because the water level is high? My father in law came over and the filter is much smaller than what he uses with his 15'x30' ABG, he thinks ours is undersized. I'm hoping some of you can offer opinions?

    I busted out my TF100 yesterday morning, and here's what I got:
    FC - 6
    pH - 7.2
    CC - 0
    TA - 30
    CH - 430
    CYA - 40

    FC and CYA are good. I've seen that with painted concrete, the CH can run high and it's OK? That seems very high to me! The pH could come up a little, as well as the TA. I used the PoolMath, and it looks like if I add baking soda, that may help correct both the TA and pH - is that correct?

    Currently the pool is chlorinated with a puck, but we found some refillable jugs for a local pool store, so they must have also been using liquid chlorine. I plan on following BBB - so any suggestions are appreciated!

    Oh - and the good stuff:

    I can't wait to get this baby cleaned up today and enjoy the 88 degree water!
    17' x 30' plaster pool, Intellipro Variable Speed pump, filter that's about to be replaced, 1 skimmer and 2 returns, and that's about all I know about this pool!
    4' ledge all the way around, deep "scoop" about 9' deep - NO DIVING!

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    Re: New home, new state, new pool!

    Congratulations on your new home and pool!

    Use baking soda and get that TA up around 70 or 80. Once you remove the pucks, the pH will rise naturally.

    For a painted pool, follow info for vinyl. What is the CH of your fill water?
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