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Thread: Newsletter from the Pool Guy

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    Smile Newsletter from the Pool Guy

    Some interesting text in a newsletter from the Pool Guy who installed our pool.
    Until I read this, I didn't know acid rain was affecting my water balance so much! (sarcasm)

    The last thing most people want to do in the fall is spend more money on their pool- especially when closing it. However, the damage that can be done to your pool if water balance is ignored can be devastating! Low pH turns your pool into an acid bath during the winter which causes damage to your pool surface, paint, and liner. Many customers believe that once they balance their pool water in the spring, it is good for the season. Nothing could be further from the truth. Youíve heard of acid rain, right? Well, itís not a myth. When it rains, the rain water which falls into your pool is very acidic. This causes your alkalinity and pH levels to fall, which in turn causes the calcium hardness level to fall because the pool water requires more calcium at lower pH levels. The result is a negative saturation index, a term used to describe the balance of your water in regards to alkalinity, pH, and calcium hardness. Most people donít see these changes in their pool water, except that it looks cleaner and clearer than usual. Proper water balance is essential to keeping your pool ready for the winter. So bring in another water sample and have us analyze it for FREE and keep your pool clear and balanced for the winter!
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    Re: Newsletter from the Pool Guy

    Welcome to TFP!

    Rain usually causes the pH to rise from the aeration caused by the drops hitting the water, but if the rain is acidic and there is a LOT of it then the pH can be seen to drop. As you have surmised, it's not the main thing to be concerned about. Water parameters will change, but mostly for other reasons. With rain, it's mostly water dilution which tends to lower the CH and possibly the TA and that can lower the saturation index which could be harmful to plaster if it gets too low. If this happens, one can just add calcium to increase the CH, but it may be OK to just do that on spring opening unless the drop was substantial earlier in the winter.
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