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Thread: Sand Filters

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    Sand Filters

    Hi All, does anyone have any experience with the two filters I have posted. I have an older Intex SF20110 which has been been a good filter but it is on it's last leg. Having issues with the pump itself, I have rebuilt the pump a couple of times but I think it is time to read it's last rights and move on. So back to my question I have a intex 18'x48' metal frame, and I was going to just order a new pump but there is not a whole lot of cost between a new pump and a whole new sand filter. Which leads me back again to these two filters any likes or dislikes, anyone have one, or had one?
    Thanks for any feed back,filters.JPG
    Bullzak_83 (aka Trey)
    Arl, Texas (home of Jerry world. Not by choice)
    18'X48" Intex Metal Frame
    W/Intex sand filter and Chlorine generator

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    Re: Sand Filters

    1HP is a pretty big pump for your pool. I have a 20x36 IG and could probably get by a little less than 1HP. That said, those pumps are probably up rated pumps that are really smaller. You need to see what the motor plate says or find. Out what the Service Factor (SF) is for the motor.
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    Re: Sand Filters

    I have one that looks exactly the same as the top one. Our conditions are pretty harsh. The filter has held up very well. The pumps have had to be replaced about every two years. The company I buy from has a one year guarantee on the pumps. We have gotten several on that guarantee. This year I bought an extended warranty which should protect me for three years. The filter itself has had no problems. I said my filter was 18 inches. Looking at that picture makes me want to measure it. So much dust here I run the pump 24/7. Skim in the daytime when the roads are heavily traveled and clean with the Barracuda Ranger at night.
    18ft. Ultra Frame Pool. 1hp Advantage pump. 18 inch sand filter. Skimmer from previous Easy Set suspended over pool. Barracuda Ranger cleaner, new Hayward Leaf canister which is the best purchase I have made. Lots of dust here from gravel roads plus tree stuff.

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