Hi. We are in the process of replacing our previous Jenn Air built in grill with a Lion L75000 built in grill. The product support people at Lion have been terrific so far with prompt replies to questions via email, but I'm looking for some help confirming a question about the gas supply hose. The gas line runs from our house to our island where there is a shut off valve. Currently, there is a quick connect fitting from that line at one end of the hose supplied by Jenn Air and at the other end it connects to the regulator (again, provided by Jenn Air), and then the grill has a line that connects to the regulator as well. I've attached a pic of the current set up. I can't recall if Jenn Air provided the quick connect or not. That hose is 10' long and from what I can calculate, has an outer diameter of .75" (2.375" circumfrence). The new Lion grill has a regulator built in so I need to connect from the main to the grill's regulator, however, Lion doesn't provide a connection hose. Their product support people said something about running a 3/8" hose, but no longer than 4' (I havent been able to find anything like that online), but also said that if the hose was 1/2" then the 10' run is ok. It sounds as though there is some sort of allowable ratio between the diameter of the hose and it's length. Does anyone know about this? Just want to make sure I'm connecting everything appropriately. Thanks!