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Thread: High PH after adding borates

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    High PH after adding borates

    I added borates to my pool yesterday following instructions on TFP. Added 6 boxes borax and about 7 quarts 31% muriatic acid as calculated by pool math.
    Today my PH is 8.2 (or higher). My TA is also way up from 70 to 110.

    Should I wait 48 hours as the instructions say? Or take steps to bring the PH down now? I did add some water from the hose yesterday, maybe an inch is all.

    Numbers pre-borax

    FC: 4.0
    CC: 0
    PH: 7.5
    TA: 70
    CYA: 75


    TC: 0 (not sure where my chlorine went. pool did get heavy usage and maybe the SWG ran less - have brought it back up with bleach)
    PH: 8.2+
    TA: 110
    CYA: didn't test.
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    Re: High PH after adding borates

    Did you sweep the pool thoroughly at least twice since the borax addition and has the pump been running continually ?? If so then I'd add some acid to bring it down.
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    Re: High PH after adding borates

    I recently added Borates and have noticed that my PH is a little less stable than before. I started with a TA of 60 and after the Borates my TA is at 80. Also, since I have a CH of 490-500, I liked keeping my PH at 7.2 -7.4. After the Borates, my pool rises very quick to 7.5 - 7.6 and likes to stay there. That is great, but I also noticed that it takes more Acid to get me to the same PH of 7.2. Right now I'm still trying to lower my TA back to 60 where my pool "likes" to be, so I'll update after I get there.

    Otherwise... the benefits of the borates still outweigh the side effects. Did I mention, I was able to lower my SWG from 50% down to 30% and it holds 7ppm chlorine just fine.
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    High PH after adding borates

    I added borates yesterday but I used the boric acid route instead. It's more expensive (~$80 on Amazon from Duda Diesel for 55lbs bucket, cheaper if you buy direct from DD) but it's a lot easier. BA lowers the pH and dissolves very rapidly. I added 40lbs to my pool and it all dissolved within an hour (sweeping produced no visible clouds of solid chemical powder).

    I have a thread detailing my water chemistry numbers but I'm not surprised by your results. With borates adding to the pH buffering effect, it will be harder to move the pH lower. I can see in my own Taylor test results that it requires twice as much acid as before to lower my pH by 0.2.

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