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Thread: De blowing into pool

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    De blowing into pool

    I have a problem with DE blowing into my pool. I have a 48 foot Hayward filter. I know it happens when the filter is on. I replaced the elements as they were old and I thought this was it. When I replaced the elements, I noticed some small cracks in the manifold. First I used marine epoxy on the cracks. When this did not stop the DE leak, I replaced the manifold. It still leaks. Before I go in and replace the o-ring on the inside pipe to the manifold, is there anything else it could be? Could it be the multiport valve?

    One last thought. I read somewhere that you should only tighten the nut on the rod that holds the manifold to the elements slightly. I tightened it some more after the last breakdown but this did not seem to help. Maybe I didn't tighten it enough? Is there any way to tell when it is tight enough? I could use any thoughts or help anyone can give. Thanks.
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    Re: De blowing into pool

    Chris, welcome to TFP!!

    If you know the manifold is cracked, that's probably where the problem is As far as tightening the nut, tighten it so that all the grids are secure and the fabric is at least touching the manifold. A cracked manifold will allow DE back into the pool. You may also want to check the 'spider gasket'/ 'wagon wheel' in the multiport!

    Please keep us informed as to what you find!!! - we'll be here to help!
    Luv& Luk

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    Re: De blowing into pool

    Thanks. I already replaced the manifold after the replacement of the grids did not do the trick. I will check the spider gasket for problems. I didn't think it would be this because the multiport is only in its second year.
    19,000 vinyl pool, solar heat, .75 hp tristar, 48 sq ft de filter

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    Re: De blowing into pool

    I checked the spider gasket last night and as I thought, it looked brand new. I lubed it prior to putting the variflo back together. I am going to replace the outlet elbow o-ring tonight. As I already replaced the grids and the manifold, it is the only thing left on the inside that I can think of that could be causing the DE to blow into the pool. If anyone has any ideas on other things to look at before I backwash and break down the filter, feel free to chime in. Thanks.
    19,000 vinyl pool, solar heat, .75 hp tristar, 48 sq ft de filter

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