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Thread: Polaris 380, Dolphin, etc

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    Polaris 380, Dolphin, etc

    Hi all,
    I need a new pool cleaner asap, but want to make sure I understand all the options available. I called the guy that did some work on my pool, and he sells the Polaris 380. I talked briefly with him and was shocked at the price. He does not like or recommend the Dolphin and the main reason it is because he says it is not very easily serviced if need be. However, the unit he sells, requires a pump and some electrical work perhaps. The price itself was enough for me to say no, but I want to ask around here and see what you people know about it and what you can tell me about it. Any information you can share is deeply appreciated.
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    Re: Polaris 380, Dolphin, etc

    You might want to look at the Polaris 360. Just like the 380 but less expensive and no boster pump required. I like mine.
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    Re: Polaris 380, Dolphin, etc

    I just replaced my Polaris 380. It did a great job until the monsoon buried the pump and killed it, and the internals of the 380 itself were getting really brittle from years of excess sun and chlorine. I too choked on the cost, but a week of manual vacuuming cured me of my hesitation and a brand new setup is on it's way.
    If you dont already have the pressure line and electrical in place though, it's probably not the best choice and the Previously reccomended 360 would be a good thing to look at.
    the only upside I can see to the extra cost of the new pressure line to the pool and new electrical to the booster pump is the effective 2 speed setup you get out of being able to separately schedule the filter pump and the vacuum pumps timing. but yeah, it's a bunch of dough.
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    Re: Polaris 380, Dolphin, etc

    I do not understand "no booster pump needed". The info from several source seem to conflict. One say it uses the suction side of a pool and another says it needs a pressure side supply. What does it really need? I have a pressure side, dedicated pump and am using a Letro Legend that seems to work OK but certainly not as good as my robotic cleaner. The Dolphin cleaner just gave up the ghost and I am looking for a replacement, hopefully one that uses the hydraulic pressure of a pump instead of an electrical source with a long tangling cord. The previous Letro Legend ran for around 7-8 years trouble free. At that time point the replacement parts cost is almost the same as buying another unit. The universal joints are $10-$20 each (3), the bags are $20-$40 each (1) , the rubber tires are around $40-$60 a set of 4, feed line is ~$80 etc. What is the point of repairing one if a new one can be bought for around $300-400 after rebates.

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    Question Also debating vac types...

    I also need a new vac as my Polaris 180 is about 9 yrs old now. It came with the pool/house purchase. At time of purchase we became 1st time pool owners w/ no knowledge of pool vacs or pool care in general. We were told that the Polaris was still working but the pump needed to be replaced. So we replaced the pump in 2012. By 2013 I could see the Polaris was on its last leg but replacement was so expensive we just made do. Now my searches say robotics (which don't need a separate pump) are replacing the other vac types because they are better and more cost effective.
    If this is true, I'm now wondering, would it be better to stick with the same or similar type pool vac since we just replaced the pump 2 yrs ago? Or should we just cut our losses on the pump and go robotic?
    Any thoughts?
    Obviously, I have no way of comparing the Polaris 180 to any other, but even when I could see it struggling on the stairs it did a beautiful job overall and the pool was still sparkling.
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