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Thread: Finally a grown up pool! Comments welcome!

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    Finally a grown up pool! Comments welcome!

    I'm acquiring an intex ultra frame rectangle 18x9 pool.(Neighbour's put it up a month or so ago, but they just got transfered for work)
    Going to miss them terrible but the good news is i can have the pool.salt water system cover ladder everything.

    I plan to buy a a solar heater 4 x 20 (or whatever you recommend!!)
    I was thinking 2 -4 x 20 as I live just north of Toronot canada. roof faces dead south with black shingles .I get easy 8 hrs of sun .
    Put it on the roof of my bungalow which is about 55ft from the pool.
    No other option on the ground etc.

    I'd need to bury my pipe s under my sod as well.
    could I go with a 3000 gph intex sand filter pump?
    I have to run water horizontal 55 ft 12 ft up the side of the house then 10 ft in on the roof.
    I have a spare 1000 gph and 530 gph pump from my smaller pools.
    Could I use my smaller pump to power the solar syatem and the sand filter 3000 gph to run the pool?
    Or would I be better off buying a stronger pump and sand filter separately?
    Any ideas of a good sand filter?
    Nice quiet strong pump?
    Thank you for your expertise.

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    Re: Finally a grown up pool! Comments welcome!

    Congrats on the deal. Your pool is going to be seasonal correct? Why not have the panels at ground level for ease of removing the panels for the season. Lot less plumbing involved that way.
    Murrieta, CA. 15K (Est) pool/spa. Hayward Tristar SP3220EE 2.70HP pump, Hayward Swimclear Cartridge filter C4025 425sqft (PA106), Pentair Mastertemp 400 heater. TF-100/Speedstir

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    Re: Finally a grown up pool! Comments welcome!

    If you decide to mount the panels on the roof, there is no way the smaller pumps will move enough water. I have an Intex 635T pump (1,500 GPH) pushing up about 9 feet and across about 30 and it's not enough to run efficiently. If you have a pump capable to doing the job right, you might get by with just one 4'x20' panel -- about 50 percent of your pool square footage. I do not know if the Intex sand filter rated for 3,000 GPH is up to the task. Someone else would have to address that.
    18'x4' AG Intex Ultra Frame, 6,700 gal., assembled new 2013; Mods: Hayward EC50C90 Perflex filter & 1 h.p. PowerFlo Matrix pump, Fiber Clear cellulose D.E. substitute, Hayward H100ID1 100,000 BTU NG heater, a pair of 2'x20' Sungrabber solar heaters via the original Intex 635T pump, grey Hydro Tools through-the-wall skimmer, Confer steps/ladder system & Cover Free chemical pool cover. The Summer of Mods!

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    Re: Finally a grown up pool! Comments welcome!

    I tried to push water up approx 5 ft over the level of the pool for my solar heater with the OEM Intex cartridge pump but it wouldn't do it. I vote for putting it on the ground, less work involved it you have room for it or upgrade to a better pump/filter system.
    Randy H.

    Intex 18' X 48"
    G.A.M.E. Sandpro 75 Sand Filter (Single Speed 3/4 HP, 75 lbs sand, 2650 GPH, 7-way valve)

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    Re: Finally a grown up pool! Comments welcome!

    I might have to go with a 1 hp pump and sandfilter combo then as I have no room in my yard. My roof is ideal for this application. Thank you bobodaclown and ceeElgee for your experience.

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    Re: Finally a grown up pool! Comments welcome!

    What type of solar heater are you using one_knight4? Thank you for your advise

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