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Thread: small pool renovation ?s

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    small pool renovation ?s

    So I have purchased an investment house has that has an older smaller pool (21x12) with only a 5 foot deep end. The pool company refers to it as a small L. The house has been sitting for over 2 years, the liner is leaky and has gone hard and crusty so its getting a new liner, Motor is dead, and was also rigged up improperly using a 120V plug and extension cord. It also has had most of its extras striped away such as the booster pump and pool cleaner as well as its salt system, heater and small fountain. Im wanting to put the entire pool back together with all new equipment. But when I'm going to order new equipment I'm met with an abundance of choices and prices for things. Can you oversize in a bad way on pools? For instance a 115k btu heater is 1600, but a 400k btu heater is only 300 more. So I'm inclined to go with the larger heater, same goes for the DE filter, I'm sure a small filter would work but a 60 or 72 sqft filter is only a couple hundred bucks more. Again can I go too large on these? IM also planning on doing an intelliflo variable speed, The pool builder professes to think that a 1hp pump is more than enough for everything including the fountain, but being that the intelliflo is variable speed won't the increase in size really not matter since you can just turn it down? Would appreciate any help or suggestions.

    Its a strange pool as far as layout. There is one dedicated return line not hooked up to the pump that I'm guessing is for the auto cleaner the pump hook up seems to T off the return like for suction then hook up to the booster pump and then that water is sent to its own pipe. Im not sure if its ok or not for it to suck water from the 2" return line for a water source but the pool builder says it should be fine. I thought this was for the fountain but the fountain has its own valve off the main circulation pump. Also there are two jets in the steps that you can open a valve that lets them suck in air that makes a lot of bubbles. Then instead of a main drain there is a return line at the bottom of the pool, then one final wall return in the wider part of the pool (the L). It has two skimmers for suction, but no independent control at the pump, theres just one line leading to them. It seems like a botched together pool really. I have never seen a floor return in leau of a main drain. But some people think pressure is better than suction and I guess this will help heat the pool better since the fresh hot water enters at the deepest part of the pool. Thanks all for the input!

    Heres the equipment the pool builder and I are sort of thinking about, but am open to suggestions.
    Pentair Intelliflo Variable speed pump. (400 dollar for upgrade to SVRS system)
    Pentair sta-rite 60 sqft DE filter (150 dollars for upgrade to 72sqft model)
    Sta-rite max-e-therm 400k BTU heater (gas line hook up not included)
    Pentair kreepy krauly pool cleaner
    pentair .75hp booster pump. (using existing plumbing pump and cleaner)
    Hayward aquarite salt generator for up to 25k gallon pool
    3g LED replacement bulb for existing pool lamp.

    28 Mil liner, inclidng draining, install, new water trucked in, and beginning balancing and fine tuning.

    Here is the pool as it sits now, not very big and not very glamorous.

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    Re: small pool renovation ?s

    No issues with going to a bigger heater / filter. Yes, you can throttle down the variable speed for less energy consumption. I'm sure some will say a smaller 2-speed pump is all you need....I like the variable speed pumps.

    Seems strange they would go with all Pentair/Sta-Rite equipment, yet use a Hayward salt cell. The Pentair IC-20 should be plenty for a pool that size.

    You planning to keep the house for a while, or fix it up and sell it? I only ask because the recommendations may vary depending on your ultimate goal
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    Re: small pool renovation ?s

    Here are you located and what are your energy cost (KWH)?
    Murrieta, CA. 15K (Est) pool/spa. Hayward Tristar SP3220EE 2.70HP pump, Hayward Swimclear Cartridge filter C4025 425sqft (PA106), Pentair Mastertemp 400 heater. TF-100/Speedstir

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    Re: small pool renovation ?s

    electricity cost is 2.258 cents per kWh. after 800 kWh usage that drops to 1.158 cents per kWh. Its a house that I'm going to rent out for now and most likely resell in the next 5 years or so. Its just a safe place to rent out until I see what happens in the stock market. Good question on the salt cell. Another thing I'm going to ask. A little annoyed, they are saying they already ordered the 1 hp pump, I can't imagine not being able to return something.

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    Re: small pool renovation ?s

    still in an argument over the pump. Really wanted to do a variable speed that way everything about the house is less energy consumption. But they seem to be refusing to return the 1 HP pump for a variable speed. Salt system, he just said they prefer the control box of the hayward system over pentair. IDK if that really matters. He also things a sand change on the existing filter is all thats needed, But I really want to swap to a DE just for the increased filter capability. However I'm not sure if too the naked eye you can tell 30 microns to 1 micron.

    Regardless we started draining today. Was done about 2 hours later. I can't wait to change the fence to a privacy fence, and get the concrete resurfaced. I wish I could find someone local that could install that ruberoc coating over the concrete, I think that looks fantastic. I also want to fence in the equipment, is there any problem with this. It will still be open on top, not completely enclosed.

    Heres where we are as of today. Im doing a lot of it my self, Im just going to hire the company to install the liner and equipment. But Im ripping all the old stuff out. Tomorrow after the bleach has had an over night sit on the liner so its somewhat cleanish Im going to take my box cutters and start removing the liner and patching the bottom if needed.

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    Re: small pool renovation ?s

    This is far from the glamorous and amazing pool builds I see on here (and hopefully will be doing to my own house one day) but figured I would update for the fun of it. After back and forth I ended up just accepting all his equipment and just left it at that, Skipped the heater and skipped the salt, they put and inline chlorinator on, but while its in my possession I will stick to the BBB method. I'm kind of glad we skipped those because we found a broken skimmer and return pipe (answered the question to why there were two cut off pipes sticking out of the ground) and re plumbing that wasn't cheap or easy. Same thing with the electrical had to have all new wiring run from the breaker to the pad. Now the pool is 100% working 100% up to code, with all returns working, the fountain plumbed, both skimmers sucking, and no bad wiring. All that I need to do now is get the concrete redone, can't decide whether to do stamped or jack hammer the rest and have pavers put in. Other than cost what are the pros and cons? I just can't wait to get the landscaping, privacy fence, and concrete redone, then this little pool will be pretty dressed up. I did spring for the Led light and its to cool so I'm glad I did, I just wish it had a second one in the shallow end. A weird thing we found with the way the returns are plumbed is you can choose between all of them or spitting between just the pool returns or just the step returns. The step returns also have these valves that open up and suck in air. So I guess the original builder was trying to create a sort of hot tub effect with this. So for normal running should I have all the returns on or just the ones in the pool? Literally just started the system today so the water still has some time to get back to 100% clear.

    Heres some pics of where we are. Im glad just to have clear water LOL. and the automatic cleaner is a god send with all these trees. The concrete really degrades from how it looks though.

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    Re: small pool renovation ?s

    Leave the step returns off. If you find that dirt accumulates on the steps turn them back on.

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    Re: small pool renovation ?s

    Looks great!!

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    Re: small pool renovation ?s

    That is an awesome view and a great pool!
    Approx 11K Gal. 10'X30' Semi free-form IG - 6 ' raised spa w/6 jets - 10' circle sun shelf with 1 bubbler - Waterfall - 3 / 1.5 HP pumps - Polaris 280 Cleaner - 3 Pentair Color LED Intellibrite Lights - Pentair 400K Master Temp - 2 Valve Actuators - 5 Fiberstar Mini Laminars - 1 Fiberstars 2004 Illuminator - 2 Skimmers - 6 Returns - Caribbean Blue Pebble Tech - 600+ sq ft kool decK - Auto Fill - 2 Boston Acoustics VOYA RK5 Outdoor Rock Speakers - 2 TIC Corporation TFS5CN 6.5-Inch 150-Watt Terra-Forms Rock Speakers - Apple Airport Express - 1 Awesome View.

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    Re: small pool renovation ?s

    Quote Originally Posted by Flippy View Post
    That is an awesome view and a great pool!
    thanks! The view is what sells this house. Now I just need to stomach the interior renovations. Hurricane sandy ripped the roof off partially and did a number on the interior. Currently we have it gutted down to the studs, just have to build it back to new again. Should be wonderful once its done, but we have a long road ahead. I just wanted to get the pool done before we close it up. We keep going back and forth between reselling it or selling our house and moving in.

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