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Thread: CYA question

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    CYA question

    I have done enough reading on here to know that the only way to lower CYA significantly is to drain and refill. We set up our pool the 2nd week in July. I added two containers of stabilizer ( purchased at pool store, do not remember what size but it was the amount that was recommended by the store). Initially was only using test strips until my TF100 arrived. The strips did not show any CYA and the three times that I have tested with the kit has also not shown any. I do know that I need to add stabilizer but what would cause the level to drop drastically or not register at all? I had posted a few weeks ago about cloudy water but that has since cleared up. My FC readings are usually in .5 to 2.5 level but it is hard to regulate w/o a CYA level.
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    Re: CYA question

    Are you saying you added stabilizer and have never measured any CYA? The only test I know that can be trusted is where you mix a reagent that turns the water cloudy based on the level of CYA. If you are doing that test and fill the tube and still see the dot because the water is not cloudy enough, there is not enough CYA. There needs to be more stabilizer added. You did read the chart/instructions on the stabilizer you purchased?

    BTW: Never trust a pool store. Their advice is almost universally bad.

    I believe something like 4-6 POUNDS of stabilizer is required for a 10,000 gallon pool. Whatever the case, read the directions and definitely read the chemical advice from the Pool School on this site, and add what is appropriate. I suspect you simply did not add enough in the first place.
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    Re: CYA question

    HI Fsheely,
    1st the Pool Stores do not typically recommend very much CYA.
    2nd, depending on the amount you put in, there might or not, be enough to show up on the test. No way of knowing what you should actually be seeing without at least knowing how much was added.

    The CYA should be measured in the correct lighting conditons as noted on the testing instructions in the TF 100. Obscure lighting will greatly effect the test.

    If the TF 100 says there isnt any, or much, then you must trust that, and add the correct amount to get to your recommended level.
    Do the addition in a couple of steps, so you dont overshoot and add too much.
    Use pool math, determine how much is needed per the math, and add 75%. Wait a week to test and then if needed, add the rest.

    The CYA should be added via the sock method. Not just pouring it in the skimmer like many pool stores recommend and certainly not pouring it into the pool as it can cause fading of the liner.

    Put the CYA in an old sock, and put the sock in the skimmer. Give a squeeze now and then to help it along until its all dissolved. Wait a week to retest - it will take the CYA quite a while to register on the test after you've added it.
    Divin Dave,
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