Hello to all. I'm in the same situation with needing to lower my CYA (128 on Saturday, but I plan on getting numbers again today). Regarding draining/refilling, we have a pool with 2 shallow ends and steps on both sides. I know when our pool guy closes our pool we drop the water to around the top of the bottom step. Can I assume this is the "safe" level to drop it to?

We have a sand filter so we will be using the waste port. What valves do we turn off during the drain? I would assume the 2 skimmers at a minimum and just drain thru the deep end main drain (not sure about the returns)?

I too am using the pool store readouts till I get my own kit. Are those numbers at least "in the ballpark" so i can get the ball rolling? FYI, I realize these tests are heavily dependent on the person doing them. I use the same person who I have known (small, family-run business), and it's not a "rush to get you out/sell you stuff you don't need situation". Also, when refilling, should the water run thru the skimmer, direct in the pool, or doesn't matter?

Thanks in advance for your time/assistance!