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Thread: Hello from Myrtle Beach

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    Hello from Myrtle Beach

    Hi!! I'm Pete and I just want to introduce my myself. I have been following this site for about a year now, but the message that you are trying to send did not click in my mind until about two days age. I am sometimes considered a slow learner.

    We have a 13,500 plaster pool, swg, and we have refinished it 2 times in the last two years and then drained and acid washed it once!! It has been a nightmare. The first refinish was in the fall of 2012, it looked great and we felt we were ready for summer 2013. . . . Jumped in on Memorial Day and a huge plaster blister broke under my foot. We drained the pool, had it sounded, and determined the 70 - 80% of the new plaster had not bonded to the concrete.

    We drained the pool, had a second contractor come in, (at the first contractor's expense) stripped, and refinished the entire pool. Everything was good until late July when we started noticing scaling / staining appearing all over the new plaster. We called contractors 1 & 2 back to look at it.
    They brought in the President of Florida Gem Stone, who determined it to be scaling and put us on a regiment of Jack's Magic products. Another 3 months of brushing, and watching with no improvement.

    In October 2013, we brought in a different pool "expert", at our own expense as we no longer had faith in anybody. He acid washed the pool, rebalanced the chemicals and we have been trouble free ever since.

    I have just bought into the TFP concept in the past few days, and want to share my current readings.

    FC = 5
    TC = 2
    PH = 7.6
    TA = 80
    CH = 170
    CYA = unknown as I am waiting on a delivery of R-0013 Reagent

    I know I need to increase the CH, but will wait for the CYA before making any further adjustments.

    I have one question, I am currently using a Taylor K-1005 which seems to perform all of the test that are done with the kit you recommend except there appears to be a difference in some of the reagents offered in each kit. IE; fluid vs. powdered. Is there an advantage to using a powdered reagent? Is my current testing kit adequate?

    Thanks for all the help, and I look forward to stepping up my learning process.

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    Re: Hello from Myrtle Beach

    Welcome to TFP!

    I assume you have the K2005 Taylor kit? That is lacking the very important FAS-DPD chlorine test which is much more accurate than the pink color matching DPD test that you have. You can order just the FAS-DPD and have the equivalent of the recommended K2006.
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    Re: Hello from Myrtle Beach

    Welcome to TFP!

    The 1005 kit doesn't have the FAS/DPD chlorine test which can measure chlorine at shock level (up to 50ppm). You can add the test to your kit by purchasing this kit
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