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Thread: one question! - for now...

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    Exclamation one question! - for now...

    algae took over after our first use of the new pool (which was a great birthday party!) i had not done my homework and was unprepared to give my darling pool so much attention, after all,--it nearly killed me during the marathon 15 days of slaving to get and it's surrounding deck ready/safe for company-- i deserved a day's break from tending to it, right?? who knew it was going to need daily TLC not unlike a newborn.

    so i ordered the TFTest 100 today and hope it comes quick! Between now and then I am relying on unreliable little strip kits. this morning one said my pH was very low, so i tried out the awesome POolMath magic tool and it said to add a box of borax, which i just happened to have in my pantry (it makes awesome gloopy stuff for kids) ... so i put that into the filter basket a bit at a time, and now 12hrs later, a second strip kit i went to buy so i could determine the CYA before adding gallons of bleach (per the PoolMath magic tool) tells me pH is 8.4.....

    i am thinking that the test strips are quackery and i just want some advice on what to do until the TFTest 100 arrives---

    what should i do to hold the algae at bay for next few days????

    I don't want to start the SLAM until the real test kit arrives (i am too afraid to dedicate all those hours/$$ for nothing)

    i have read the green monster article 3 times in preparation for the SLAM. i actually hand scrubbed/vacuumed 80% of the slimy algae film out of the pool yesterday, before i discovered the article... that process was about 6 hrs, which required backwashing no less than 10 times over course of the day. (i am finding it hard to stomach that my pump sucks... or rather doesn't suck well enough to keep my cute little AquaBug running, even when the pool was uber clean right before the party

    TH 0
    FC 0 (been running the BOOST cycle for about 4 days now, breaking only for backwashing.... afraid i'm going to burn up the pump and the SWG!)
    pH 8.4
    TA 120
    CYA 30-50
    salt is low today due to adding in a lot of water yesterday due to multiple backwashings. so i am prepared to put in 100lbs tomorrow.

    i sure would like to make good on all the pool parties i've promised my kids all summer 7 days from the next planned event

    Thanks is Advance for your time!
    Donna in East Texas. AG vinyl- installed IG. Intex UltraFrame 16'X32'X52" 14.3k gal ; came with Sand Filter mod 70110 2150 GPH 6way valve; added the Intex SWG, installed 7/14; TFTest 100 AND Salt Test Strips ; AquaBug

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    Re: one question! - for now...

    Welcome to TFP!

    You have discovered for yourself the reason why we do not trust test strips.

    We are generally extremely reluctant to offer advise based on results from test strips, but I can offer you the following advice -

    1) Start buying bleach. SWGs are good at maintaining FC but raise FC slowly. With your pool in its current condition you would need to SLAM.
    2) In order to hold algae at bay for the next few days, you would need to add 3ppm of bleach daily. Use PoolMath to calculate how much bleach this is. If you don't know how to use PoolMath, have a look at this article.
    3) How are you testing the salt level?
    Do not add any more salt at this point of time. The recommendation is to get everything in balance before adding salt. Additionally, since you have a sand filter, you will need to backwash during SLAM, causing you to lose some of the salt through draining.
    After you have completed the SLAM, you can then add the salt and hold diamond day.

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    Re: one question! - for now...

    1) check- i have 8 121 oz bottles of 8.25% at the ready.
    2) check - i am having fun learning PoolMath magic tool - it is awesome
    3) check - i am using the strips that came with the SWG... i ordered special salt test strips along with the TFTest assuming they are higher quality than what i have here//
    - diamond day! my girl will love that! THanks so much for your advice! very reassuring!
    Donna in East Texas. AG vinyl- installed IG. Intex UltraFrame 16'X32'X52" 14.3k gal ; came with Sand Filter mod 70110 2150 GPH 6way valve; added the Intex SWG, installed 7/14; TFTest 100 AND Salt Test Strips ; AquaBug

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    Re: one question! - for now...

    You don't have a location listed in your profile, so I can't comment to your specific location, but be ready to drive to WalMart as you will probably go through those 8 bottles in a few days.

    To add to what Abigail advised, just relax and go with the flow.

    You will get to that sparkly clear pool, just resist the temptation to buy some magic potion that promises immediate results. It will take a little time to clear up the pool so be patient.

    While you have time, read Pool School over & over to get an idea how all of this works.
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    Re: one question! - for now...

    Thanks Tim! I added my location to the sig line. I will keep reading Pool School the water is fairly clear at this point with about 20% of pool walls remaining with green algae and a dozen leaves (the stair system is going to be a bugger to scrub and vacuum). it's really hard to wait for that Test kit! i'm dieing to hop in there now and do some more vacuuming/scrubbing before starting the SLAM. once i begin the SLAM.... i'm not sure of whether i can even enter the water to do all the cleaning that still must be done. i can't find mention anywhere as to how safe/dangerous it is to get into the water with SLAM level bleach in there?? will my swim suit disintegrate around me? will my hair turn to straw? will my skin break out in 2nd degree burns??
    Donna in East Texas. AG vinyl- installed IG. Intex UltraFrame 16'X32'X52" 14.3k gal ; came with Sand Filter mod 70110 2150 GPH 6way valve; added the Intex SWG, installed 7/14; TFTest 100 AND Salt Test Strips ; AquaBug

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    Re: one question! - for now...

    We say it is safe to swim up to shock level FC (a function of your CYA level). In reality, even at that level, the harshness of the water is likely less than you would find in a public indoor unstabilized pool with a FC of only 2ppm.

    So, at the higher FC levels, yes the water will be a little more harsh on your skin, hair, suit, but it is not going to all fall off by any stretch of the imagination. With short exposure, you may not notice any difference.
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