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Thread: salt water pool vs chlorine

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    salt water pool vs chlorine

    I know, I know, this is not new, but I keep getting conflicting information.

    Live in Western MA. Planning on getting a 15 x 24 x 52-54 inches. if not, then 12 x 24ft. (by the way, that's the wall height, what is the actually height of the water?)

    this is my understanding from the research I've done:

    Chlorine pools:
    cheaper up front costs than saltwater, but higher maintance costs.
    chlorine smell

    Saltwater pools:

    higher upfont costs, lower maintance costs.
    BUT: I keep hearing that the chlorinater has to be replaced every couple of years! if this correct? if so, how often and how much does it cost to folks in this forum?
    ALSO: I keep hearing that the pool itself (liner and pools) does not last long ( a couple of years I've been told), and that pool warranties are voided once a saltwater system is installed!

    whichever we end up going with, if the town allows, I'd like to get it about 5 ft from the house and vinyl fence, while abutting the a deck, which is attatched to the house. What issues do you folks see that I should take into account, or should rethink about this plan?

    VERY new to pools.
    Never owned one (well an intex easyset for a couple of years, now kids are getting past that)

    ANY HELP greatly appreciated.

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    Re: salt water pool vs chlorine

    Welcome to TFP!

    They both are chlorine pools. Properly balanced there is no smell. Over the long term the cost is very similar either way. The SWG only has the convenience of not carrying bleach bottles and having to add it every day (although there are automaton systems for liquid chlorine as well).
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    Re: salt water pool vs chlorine

    We have a salt pool. The reasons for our choice were
    1-Oldest child allergies and we had found that salt pools did not irritate his skin
    2-Ease of use - for me once I'm in balance our salt pool was easier since I wasn't adding bleach daily but instead let the generator do it.
    3-We start up the summer with bottles of bleach to get everything exactly where I need it then kick on the generator and just do my daily/bi-daily testing for my peace of mind.

    Thanks to trouble free pools and the TF-100 test kit and the Aqua salt test strips maintance is a "no brainer". AVOID the pool store - our first year they helped us maintain a very cloudy pool that we were constantly fussing with this thing or another. Now that I have control we go on vacations and don't worry about the pool as the generator keeps us right where I need us to be.

    Like Jason said - they are both clorine just the source of clorine differs. We have had just finished our fourth summer with our salt pool. We have the Intex salt generator.

    Good luck with your decision - Diane

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    Re: salt water pool vs chlorine

    As to the smell, I have well water and when I go to a restaurant I'm sensitive enough to it that I can smell the chlorine in the ice cubes in my drink. But I can't smell the chlorine in my pool taht is chlorinated with liquid chlorine. When you can smell the chlorine in a pool, it is not being maintained properly or has had some kind of biological contamination like a bunch of swimmers.

    The idea that the liner won't last or that the warranty is voided is untrue.

    You do need to replace the cell periodically. The frequency is determined by how hard the cell has to work. If you buy a unit with a cell that is undersized or barely big enough for your pool, or you run with low CYA, you will need to replace it more often. If you get an oversized cell, it will probably last much longer.

    Locating a pool very close to your house carries the risk of flooding if your pool experiences a catastrophic wall failure. You need to take the topography of your yard into account as well as utility locations and municipal requirements.
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