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Thread: First time slam

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    First time slam

    I noticed an algae problem the other day after not being able to check the pool for three days, apparently the tube from my "bleach barrel" to my peristaltic pump had split and lost suction, all of this happens while we hit over 100 several days in a row. I made sure everything was balanced and checked my cya:

    Ph 7.4
    Alkalinity 100
    Cya 40
    Chlorine .4
    Cc <.2

    Pool was cloudy so I started the pump running 24/7 and manually poured bleach, 8%, to raise chlorine and also started brushing relentlessly. Not being sure if I had yellow or just green I shot for yellow shock level at about 24ppm. Since Friday I have added approx 9 gallons of 8% bleach? Is this normal, is there a normal? From Friday evening to Saturday morning I had a 9 ppm drop. I raised it back up 3 times on Saturday, it was very hot in Texas and we got rain. From Saturday night to this morning I dropped 7ppm. I raised it back up to 24ppm.

    I should add I am using a Taylor fas dpd k2006 test kit. For maintaining the pool I only use bleach, baking soda, and muratic acid. Pool was built with an ozone generator which is still in use, it also had a mineral system and chlorine tab dispenser which are connected still but not used. Bleach is pumped using a peristaltic pump connected to a 15 gallon uline barrell connected to a check valve inserted on the return plumbing.

    So my questions:

    Am I slamming correctly?
    Is it normal for it to take many days?
    Am I adding bleach correctly? Right now in the skimmer poured very slowly and with pump on its highest setting, 3450 rpm. I also open all the returns: meaning fountains, waterfalls, etc.

    Thanks in advance for your time.

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    Re: First time slam

    1) For an outdoor residential pool, we would recommend turning the ozone generator off as our experience indicates that ozone systems increase FC consumption.
    2) I would recommend you (re-)read the SLAM article. The recommendation is to do a normal SLAM until all 3 criteria are met, and then raise to mustard algae levels for 24 hours if necessary. SLAMming at mustard levels is not recommended.
    3) SLAM takes as long as it takes. There is no fixed number of days for a SLAM, it is a marathon and not a sprint.
    4) The recommendation is to add bleach slowly in front of a return. See recommended pool chemicals.
    5) You can switch to a 10ml sample for the FC/CC test. Each drop would count as 0.5ppm, it saves reagent and is precise enough.

    Please add details about your pool to your signature according to the instructions in this post so we can help you better.

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    Re: First time slam

    1) Unfortunatley I can't turn off the ozone generator
    2) I have re-read and adjusted
    3) got it
    4) i have adjusted how to add
    5) I have been using the 10ml

    I started last friday as noted above and here is what I have experienced:

    Pool is clear, low to no CC

    Friday Night lost 9 PPM FC
    Saturday Night lost 7 PPM FC
    Sunday Night lost 1.5 PPM FC
    Monday Night lost 4.5 PPM FC

    My consumption during the day is high but I am attributing that to the sunlight we are receiving here in north Texas which has been hot the last few days. the only other thing I did was on Sunday evening I dumped the kids pool toys in the pool to kill anything that might have been on those toys, I pulled them out Monday evening.

    Any thoughts on if I am doing this correctly? I am brushing a ton and checking/adjusting 3 -4 times a day.

    Thanks and any guidance/support is appreciated.
    15,400 gallon pool & spa, pebble sheen, build 2011, jandy cartridge filter, jandy variable speed pump, jandy heater, ozone, peristaltic pump for bleach

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    Re: First time slam

    kmpool - I am new to the system learned on here here for SLAMing and other pool chemistry, however you should follow what Abigail posted, you need to get your FC high enough, see the CYA chart, to kill off whatever organic matter you are dealing with until you pass the OCLT. Again, I am a novice but glad to share my experience
    Tallman Monterey (fiberglass), 16'x33', 11500 gallons, 480 sq/ft, Depth: 3' - 5' 6", Salt Water, TF-100, Pentair pump, sand filter, Easy Touch Control System, SWG

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    Re: First time slam

    If you have lights, open them up and check behind those. Double check to make sure all light circuits are off before removing. This is a favorite place for algae to hide. scrub with brush to remove. Dip/soak in an elevated solution of bleach to kill any algae if your wiring is long enough to set light on deck.
    Randy H.

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