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Thread: I drained my INTEX 15"x 48" pool my mistake

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    I drained my INTEX 15"x 48" pool my mistake

    I has been raining terribly here in Fort Lauderdale everyday so i have been draining the pool on and off because of it,
    That is what i did today today and i forgot all about so when i remember it was half way full so i need to get it back up again, so this is what i was planning to do, please let me know if you have better suggestions:

    Circular INTEX vinyl pool round 15' x 48"
    Intex Salt Water System
    Intex San water Filter
    According to the manual when you first fill up the pool you need about 110lb of Salt, run the filter for 24hrs and then setup the salt water system schedule and check the chemical levels from there,
    so since i have to fill it up hasl way i was planning to add about 50lb of salt, let it run for about 12hr, set the salt water system according to the manual and then test the pool levels with the test kit and take it from there, What you guys think?

    If you have a better suggestion please post it, this forum have given my wife so much information to how to take care of our pool.

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    Re: I drained my INTEX 15"x 48" pool my mistake

    If you've been draining on and off, you have been lowering your salt levels all along. The only way to properly add salt is to test your salt levels and plug those results into pool math to find out how much salt to add.
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    Re: I drained my INTEX 15"x 48" pool my mistake

    Can`t help you about the salt levels, but I can solve your-OPPS-I forgot I was draining the pool issue.
    I took some 1in. PVC pipe and 2 90% elbows, along with a 1in. PVC to garden hose adapter and fashioned a "get the siphon going and forget it" system.
    I make a "U" with the pipe so it fits the pool rim-dosen`t have to be a real tight fit.
    One leg of the "U" is inside the pool and cut of at your normal pool`s water level.
    The outside leg of the "U" can be as long as you like and has the garden hose fitting at it`s end.
    Stick the contraption on your pool. Hook up a hose. Get a siphon going. Go relax, because it will never suck out more than you want.
    If you don`t glue it up, you can easily make changes.
    Hope it helps Ya.
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