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Thread: Everlasting algae...maybe gone now

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    Everlasting algae...maybe gone now

    After many nights reading, I have joined to post. Long story made short, I think our everlasting algae is defeated for good. A few things I've learned:
    1. Don't use pea gravel in the "weight jugs" for your wedding cake steps.
    2. Don't expect to "floc" with any success until your FC and stabilizer are matched.
    3. Check your sand filter for an actual covering of green algae on the top of the sand. Replace and clean with bleach.

    So here is when I knew I had arrived at the moment of final defeat.
    1. I "flocced" after my algae-killing levels were right.
    2. Waited a good 48 hours for settling.
    3. I vacuumed to waste with no clouding or "poofing".
    4. Swept thoroughly to get the few spots left.
    NO CLOUDY OR GREEN TINT! Just sparkling, clear, balanced pool water!

    Two nights ago I was hopeless. Tonight I didn't want to get out after sweeping it. There is hope! Get those levels right and you will see success!

    Now, your help here is tremendous but I need help.
    1. Recommend a tester based on my Sig. I'm in the country.
    2. What FC level is considered harmful to the liner and equipment?
    3. I have to get my FC level down a bit. I'm sure it will soon dissipate, but I don't want to compromise and give the green any chance of rebirth. Ideas?

    Thanks again for the excellent resources here!

    AG vinyl 18x33 oval, 15,000 gal. Single speed aquamaster/Clearwater 19" 1hp multi valve. Currently using strips for testing. Installed June 2013. Birmingham, AL War Eagle

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    Re: Everlasting algae...maybe gone now

    Welcome to TFP!

    I think I can answer your question about the test kit. It does involve a bit more reading.

    For your second question, this one again involves reading. Anything above about twice the SLAM (shock) level for your CYA would become prone to pool damage.

    Third question: Chlorine is a consumable in your pool. Sunlight will take care of that. No need to worry about bringing it down, it will do that on it's own.

    Another couple of places you might want to read are:

    For where to get the test kit you need, Highly recommended is the TF-100 with the XL option, and the SpeedStir.

    To add your pool info to your signature line:
    15'x48" 4500 gallon Intex pool, buried 1.5 ft. Pac-Fab Dynamo 3/4 hp pump. Hayward S180T sand filter, bought used. Taylor K-2006 test kit. Rocket mass heater based wood fired pool heater.

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    Re: Everlasting algae...maybe gone now

    Regarding the pea gravel in the weights. I have the cake steps also, but two of the steps are weights. There is pea gravel and nasty stuff in there. I need to figure something out for mine. Was gonna wait til summer was over and i wasn't working 6 days. If you have a fix I'd love to hear what you did.

    Here are the steps I have:

    Festiva, but mine have more holes than show in the body.

    Mods new thread if you must.
    13700 gal, 32'x16'x54" AG oval, vinyl, Echo Canyon II, 8500 series, Narrow Yard, Safety Fence & Stair, Sta-Rite Crystal Flow T-210WF, 44 GPM, Hayward SP1580TL 1HP Pump, Aqua Luminator, Festiva wedding cake steps, March 2006, TFT-100, Speed-Stir, Sample Sizer. Avatar Credit: TJ Townsend

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    Re: Everlasting algae...maybe gone now

    Honestly, I tried vacuuming under it to no avail. I actually took the steps out and have no plans to put them back this summer. I'd like to use them, but If I do, I'll probably do some kind of self contained sand bag or something to strap to the holes. Mine set is maybe a little older and more oval, but same premise. I read the pea gravel is a bed for the mean green. I'd highly recommend getting that out of there.

    AG vinyl 18x33 oval, 15,000 gal. Single speed aquamaster/Clearwater 19" 1hp multi valve. Looking for recommended test kit. Installed June 2013. Just south of Birmingham, AL

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