Our inground shotcrete pool, which has an automatic cover, has just been finished and we've noticed that there is a persistent gap (of varying width) between the top of the water-line tile and the autocover track above it. The PB and cover company both insists that this gap will not lead to any issues and that it is fine for some water to get in there behind the tile (though, curiously, the gap above the autocover track between it and the coping was filled with a caulk/silicone).

We've also noticed some stains on the grout (which is supposed to be an epoxy grout). The tiler was out this morning and claimed that these are dirt stains, not rust, but that he'll try to clean them up.

Should I be worried about these gaps? The PB is coming by tomorrow and expects his final check, saying that minor things like this are repairs that per the contract can be addressed later.