I acquired and Esther Williams pool I was told Premier Series it requires a special liner I guess with a fatter bead which seems hard to get or custom made and by the way very expensive.being that I'm putting up the pool next season I wanted to change the bead reciever track so I measured and ordered a standard Bead track. And a wedgeliner lock strip . I'm hoping a standard bead liner or unibead liner will now fit with a different track put in there. it doesn't seem like rocket science it is my second pool , It seems like by purchasing a 70 track instead 600 liner versus 259.liner . Were talking about 25 ga 18 round Carribean type unibead liner by GLI Paid 188. Shipped . That Is what I ordered . Should Work fine I assume ? any input here? Thank you I'm new to the forum.. Also was thinking about recessing the pool down a foot or so. Looking into drainage and rustproofing with POR-15 paint already painted all bottom plates and rails .Probably will coat insides of posts and bottom of wall . My last pool was 20 years old and i got that one used too .