Ok so I got the pool up and level, hooked up my 16" sand filter and 3/4 hp pump and all is working well.

Following the TFP method and pool is clean and water sparkling clear. Been swimming in 85-90 degree water for weeks.

I went to vacum the pool the other day, this pool comes with a skimmer on it already so I inserted the vacum adapter into the skimmer along with the vacum hose and head attached after getting the air out of the lines. Immediately the vacum hose collapsed in on itself and the skimmer housing began to collapse as well

What a cheap skimmer body, so I adjusted the valve to lower the pressure on the input side of the pump and this corrected things, however even with this small pump I could not believe how it draws so much water that it could cause the skimmer to collapse like that.

Overall we are happy with this pool, it seems to me to be much better built than the Intex brand we had before.