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Thread: Buying a Used Pool?

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    Buying a Used Pool?

    Has anyone ever bought an ABG used pool? Here is some history. We have a 15ft intex pool with a SWG that we bought the beginning of this season. It's been great but our only complaint as with everyone else that has this type of pool is that the filter is way to small. So, I was at the local pool store inquiring about a used pump and sand filter and the owner of the store showed me a 15ft pool they had on display that they are wanting to sell because the new one replacing it has newer colors. It is about 3 -4 years old. The pool would come with the used Hayward pump and filter that was installed on display with the pool. They will also order a new liner for the pool.

    Does this sound ok? What is the general life span on a filter and pump? I'm sure it depends on usage but that is the only problem I could see.

    I know it is a small pool but because of space and the location of our pool, it works out great. Plus, the price they quoted is a pretty good deal.

    Thanks for any input.


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    Re: Buying a Used Pool?

    Will they throw in installation? What about an extended warranty on the equipment?

    People by used AGP's all the time. If your sure it's a good price, why not?
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    Re: Buying a Used Pool?

    I would have to take down and install myself or pay extra to have them do it. To be honest, I'm pretty handy and don't mind doing it myself. If we do decide to do it, I will use a digital camera to take pictures as I dis-assemble it. The other good news is that I don't have to take it right away. They just want it gone by the time Spring comes next year. We could still use our current pool and then just take it down the end of the season. My kids will be happy about that.

    I didn't think about an extended warranty on the pump and filter so I will check on that.

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    Re: Buying a Used Pool?

    I'll have to agree with frustratetpoolmom..Go for it

    I was given one, granted it's one of the Intex Metal frames, but they had it buried in the Ground.
    We took it down and hauled it of...Been enjoying it ever since
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    Re: Buying a Used Pool?

    I bough my pool used. I just replaced all of the fasteners, the liner, and soon to be skimmer. I believe we saved about $3500-$4000, compared to buying a new pool. Ask them for the installation manual so you can read it over before you start taking it apart, it will help with the dis assembly knowing how things are put together.
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    Re: Buying a Used Pool?

    I bought my pool used as well and it wasn't a demo from the pool store either I had to take it apart and set the thing back up myself as well. If you're a handy person it's not that hard...just takes time. Most important part is to make sure the ground is flat and level.
    I had to buy a new liner, a given when draining a pool, and some odd parts here and there. I think my filter is from the 1970's...its a "GM" series Hayward, may look into upgrading later, but shows you they can last .

    Like others have said...GO FOR IT!

    If you want to see a picture of a used pool take a look at mine used-pool-begins-its-new-life-pic-t8504.html
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