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Thread: Help with high CYA

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    Help with high CYA

    Split by moderator from HERE. Please start a new thread for your own questions and discussion to avoid confusion. Thanks, jblizzle

    My Cyanuric acid (CYA) reading is over 100, so I need to drain some water and refill. I've done a good bit of reading on line over the past few days trying to determine the best way to drain in order to have the biggest impact on lowering the CYA. Some sources said the CYA is heavier than pool water so draining from the bottom is best, whereas other source(s) said that CYA tends to concentrate near the upper part of the pool water so draining from the top 12"-18" is best. I'm probably going to need to drain about 50-60% of the water from my 12,000 gallon pool to get the CYA down to less than 50. I'd like to get the best CYA reduction reasonably possible if I'm going to dump 6,000-7,000 gallons of water (during a drought no less). So -- do I: a) drain from the top 12"-18" b) drain from the bottom; or c) doesn't matter at all which level I drain from?
    From my on line research and reading it doesn't appear that there is a viable, cost-effective way of removing excess CYA from pool water. If someone could develope a cost-effective way to remove excess CYA and avoid draining and refilling that would be great and could be a very valuable service. My son is a chemistry major in college. I think I'll ask him to come up with a better solution to solve the excess CYA problem -- like some sort of filtering medium you can place in the skimmer basket(s) or the pot filter to capture excess CYA until you get to the optimal level.

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    Re: Help with high CYA

    CYA is evenly distributed in the water. Doesn't float. Doesn't sink.

    Are you getting your CYA reading from a pool store or do you have a test kit?
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    Re: Help with high CYA


    I agree with the post above, CYA is even throughout the pool for all intents and purposes. The biggest impact will come from the largest drains you can do each time. Removing 5 inches 5 times is less effective than two feet all at once. Do some searches for your pool surface type and you will get a good idea of the recommendations to leave some volume in the shallow end depending on your local water table and ability to refill and not leave your plaster to the elements too long.
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