I have a vanishing edge pool with a catch basin that is approximately 16' x 3' x 4' deep. I am currently using the Pentair Easytouch system with two Pentair Intellibrites in the main pool area. These work great. I am now building a fire pit area in front of the vanishing edge waterfall and catch basin. I would like the water in the basin to illuminate the royal blue that I predominately use in the main pool for a nice, consistent color effect. There are a lot of underwater color lights out there, but most of them are the cheap Chinese plug in types for ponds. I am looking for a quality set of colored LED lights (2 or 3) that I could place in the bottom of the basin, and wire directly into my outdoor light transformer, which is connected to my Easytouch system. I have all my outdoor lights, landscaping lights and Intellibrite lights hooked up to the Easytouch so they can be programmed to turn on and off. Fist of all, is this safe to connect underwater lights to my landscape transformer? Is there anything out there that fits the description that works successfully? Can I wire the cheap LED underwater color lights directly into my transformer if worse comes to worse? Many thanks in advance.